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Pls help!

I can't get the fast leveling strategy for some reason?? Any help?
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Levelup of competence

How to level up competence of monster
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Jojo HP

Please can anybody tell me how much HP should be given to jojo in level 35 and in level 40. For instance, My jojo's hp is 8300 in level 35. Is it sufficient HP or should I give him more. Please tell me in maximum side according to level 35 and 40. Actually my jojo get beaten very easily becoz of less HP and if I give more HP then I have to compromise something else in sub stats. What should I do now ?.... Please help me..
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When removal day is comimg

Can please anybody tells me that when removal day is about to coming ?
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How to rune belladeon

Please can anyone tell me how I can rune belladeon in slot 2/4/6. Is crt dmg necessary for belladeon ?
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Sole friends

Hello here I want some friends.

My invocation : Sunnuey

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Preciso de ajuda para runar infrit de agua
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Useless unless improved.

Guys can someone contact whoever made the WIKI? The bars of HP/DEF/SPD etc is useless if you can't see the maximum line. i love the wiki thanks for everything
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Cuenta nueva

Hola, me canse puro post en ingles y no encuentro lo que busco, me cree una cuenta o inicie en el server europe pero la vdd no se como avanzar, pueden dejar tips de que hacer y que monstruos subir o como farmear ?
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Problem with new update on google play?

Anyone else having a problem with the new update to the game? I press the update button and nothing happens.
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Requirements for fat lushen?

Im not sure if im meeting the requirements for fat lushen, because i changed my speed lushen to get more atk power, but not sure if i want to keep him this way
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Any news on September HOH? Plz.

Any leaks or leads on September HOH? Plz
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rune quality

so ive been playimg for quite some time and have a nice handful of 6* units and even some really good monsters (amarna, ritesh, wind bk amd a few others) and my runes seem decent to me, most of my monsters are around 20k hp some closer to 25 or 30k (in the case of ritesh) but every time i attempt arena i het stuck around f1 and 2. what kind of rune quality do i need to get higher? or is it just a matter of getting better teams?
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Is there a channel of SD only in EUROPE?
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Hi I'm new I want some advice 🙂🙂🙂thanks
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Chakram dancer (water) talia

Is she worth keeping? What runes should i use for her? And where is she best at?
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Is the character worth keeping and if so what element or is it feed material
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Content Creators?

Is there a list of active content creators?
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Rift raid

Any suggestions on rift raid teams?
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Explicação rapida. Summoners war (pt br)

Se inscrevam para ajudar por favor ✌
SW: nova temporada (PT-BR) Lutando contra os superiores.
SW: nova temporada (PT-BR) Lutando contra os superiores. YouTube
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