Ancient Sword

Ancient sword

"An ancient sword deeply embedded in a rock, which was said to be done by a fairy a long, long time ago. There's legend that the one who manages to draw it will rule the continent, but no one has succeeded yet."
Type Glory Building
Level Unlocked 1
Cost Glory Point 150

The Ancient Sword is a building which can only be bought in the Glory Shop. It increases the Attack of all monsters owned by the player by 2% per building level. The bonus from this building is applicable in all areas.

The bonus ATK is calculated from the base stat of the monster and is additive with bonuses from runes, leader skills, and glory buildings.

Upgrade costEdit

Level Attack Power Increase Cost Glory Point
1 2% 150
2 4% 375
3 6% 600
4 8% 825
5 10% 1050
6 12% 1275
7 14% 1500
8 16% 1725
9 18% 1950
10 20% 2175
Total 11,625

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