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Angelmons are monsters that belong to Material Type. They provide a huge amount of XP when used as power-up materials. When awakened, Angelmons provide 50% more XP to monsters of the same attribute. Hence, Angelmons are the best monsters to be used as power-up materials.

Angelmons can be found in the Angel Garden, which only opens during events. They can also be found in the same elemental dungeon. For example, an Angelmon (Fire) can be found in Hall of Fire.

Similar to other monsters, Angelmons come in 5 attributes.

Angelmon XP TableEdit

The following table shows the estimated XP provided by Angelmons of different levels and of awakened status.  It is highly recommended that players use awakened Angelmons to completely utilize them.

Because of the boosted experience Angelmons give to monsters of the same attribute, it is best to level them up to max level (15) using 1 star and 2 star monsters. This will give a much higher amount of experience than simply feeding the fodder monsters outright.

Note: Awakened Angelmons provide the same amount of XP as Unawakened Angelmons to monsters of different attribute.

Angelmon Level XP Provided (normal) XP Provided (awakened)
1 1600 2400
5 5400 8101
10 11483 17225
14 17624 26436
15 19359 29040


Unlike normal Angelmons, the purpose of a Rainbowmon is to help in the evolution of other monsters. Since Rainbowmons are always obtained at Max Level, they can be easily evolved into the next grade (preferably evolved using Silver-Star monsters). These Rainbow Angelmons can then be used to evolve other monsters to a higher grade.

Rainbowmons come in 2-4 Stars and can be obtained from all Dungeons (excluding Secret Dungeons and Hall of Heroes) and Scenarios.

An old tool-tip is sometimes seen while loading stating that "you should try using evolving Rainbowmons together" starting a rumor that using multiple max level Rainbowmons will result in a max level Rainbowmon of a higher Star rating. This is false and will result in a Rainbowmon of the next star rating at level 1 regardless of what you use to evolve it.