Arcane Tower


"A battle fortress that defends the island. The crystal located at the top of the tower contains powerful concentrated magic, which glows a fiery red at dusk. It can repel both the challengers and defense monsters in an Arena Battle."
Type Main Building
Level Unlocked Shop
Cost Mana Stone 1,000

The Arcane Tower is a defensive building which protects players while defending in Arena combat. Because they only activate while on defense, players cannot actually see them in action.

The activation rate of these towers will become more and more frequent as battle goes on until a certain point where the activation rate will stay the same.


Tower Avaliable At Mana Cost Total Damage
1 Lvl 3 1,000 300
2 Lvl 6 6,000 600
3 Lvl 9 12,000 900
4 Lvl 12 24,000 1,200
5 Lvl 15 36,000 1,500
6 Lvl 18 72,000 1,800
7 Lvl 21 144,000 2,100
8 Lvl 24 288,000 2,400
9 Lvl 27 576,000 2,700
10 Lvl 30 1,152,000 3,000

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