Arena Invitations, Arena Invitation or Arena Invites, are required to participate in Arena battles. They regenerate at a rate of 1 per every 30 minutes, and players are allowed to hold up to ten at once. This limit is ignored temporarily when additional invitations are obtained through wishes, for example. They can also be obtained from completing Daily Missions, as well as through purchase using Crystals.

The main reasons to play in the Arena are to get Glory Points to obtain special Buildings or to beat your Rivals for bonus Crystals.

In other languageEdit

English Arena Invitation
Korean 아레나 출전권
Japanese アリーナ出場権
Traditional Chinese競技場出戰券
Simplified Chinese 竞技场出战券
French Invitation à l'Arène
German Arena-Einladung
Russian Приглашение на Арену
Portuguese Convite da Arena
Spanish Invitación de Arena
Indonesian Undangan Arena
Malay Jemputan Arena
Vietnamese Thư mời Đấu trường
Thai คำเชิญอารีน่า