The following is a listing of various websites and resource pages related to Summoners War: Sky Arena which players may find useful. If you would like to add a site here, simply leave a link in the appropriate section, along with a short description of the site or page.

Official sitesEdit

  • HIVE Mobile
    • Com2uS' official site for the game. Features general information, as well as announcements and updates on the game.
  • Official Com2uS Forum
    • The official Com2uS forum for Summoners War. Features an active community, and is also one of the place for official announcements from Com2uS.
  • Official Facebook Page
    • Com2uS' official Facebook page, and also the channel for official announcements related to the game.

Fan sitesEdit

  • Summoners War Ratings Guide
    • Fan site dedicated to providing user ratings of various monsters, as well as various guides and tips.
  • Beathem
    • Guides by Beathem about experience, drop and monsters reviews.
  • Summoners War Guides
    • Player guides for various aspects of the game.
  • Summoners War Monsters
    • Provides instant search by name and attribute for any monster
  • Golems War
    • Summoners War fan site with database of monsters, runes, profiles and more.


  • Reddit
    • A subreddit forum for Summoners War. Features an active community and daily monster discussions. Also a gathering place for those interested in unveiling all of the mysteries of the game.
  • App Invasion Forum
    • Reasonably active forum from App Invasion.
  • Summoners War Fan Forum
    • Another Fan Forum for Summoners War.


  • International Facebook Group
    • An unofficial international gamer group for Summoners War, where many of the best players gather. Tips and guides available, with man helpful users.

Player guidesEdit

Data Edit

  • PvE Unit Info
    • General spreadsheet overview of all monsters in the game.
  • SWData
    • Datamined skill multipliers for every monster.
    • Statistics on dungeon drops, and also summon rates.


  • Summoners War Rune Database and Optimizer
    • Handy optimizer for finding the optimal rune setups for monsters. Data can be added in manually or through third part apps.
  • Event Google Calendar
    • A Google developed online calendar displaying when in-game events take place. Created by user reidzeibel_ from Reddit.
  • Monster and Runes Extractor
    • Handy app for extracting data directly from the game. To be used with other third party tools.
    • Online tool for organizing monster collections, teams, and rune setups. Can also be used to share monster setups with other people.
  • Secret Dungeon Finder
    • A fan run area for users to share their secret dungeons with one another.