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"An essence of pure mana that contains massive powers."

Crystals Crystal are the special in-game currency in Summoners War. They can be obtained using real life money in the Cash Shop. Other ways of obtaining crystals are The Temple of Wishes, Event Rewards, Daily Rewards, Daily Missions, Achievements, Leveling Up, First Clears, Rivals, the Weekly Arena Reward, Trial of Ascension, and the World Boss. Crystals can also be obtained with a very small chance as a random drop any time a monster is killed, for example from Scenario areas, Dungeons, Arena, etc. Three special buildings, the Crystal Titan, Crystal Mine, and Crystal Dragon also give crystals every few hours.

Crystals can be used for the following actions listed below in this page. 

Mystical SummonEdit

Main article: Mystical Summon

For a cost of 75 crystals, players can summon a monster of grade 3-Star to 5-Star. Note that Light and Dark monsters cannot be obtained in this way. Summoning in this manner is identical to summons using Mystical Scrolls, with the summon rates being roughly equal.


Players can use 30 crystals to recharge their energy. Recharging energy increases your current energy by the maximum capacity of the player. For example, if a player has 5/75 energy and decides to recharge energy, their energy will become 80/75. Note that it is not possible to recharge energy when it is already full.

Arena InvitationsEdit

Similar to energy, players can also use 30 crystals to recharge arena invitations. Recharging invitations works the same as recharging energy, except that it is not possible to recharge invitations above the limit of 10. Therefore it is advisable to spend all arena invitations before recharging.


Additional mana can be purchased using crystals at varying costs. The following table shows the cost of purchasing mana using crystals, as well as the amount of mana per crystal.

Package Name Mana Stone Mana Crystal Crystal Mana/Crystal
Bundle of Mana 40,000 30 1,333.33
Pile of Mana 154,000 100 1,540
Sack of Mana 875,000 500 1,750
Box of Mana 2,100,000 1,000 2,100

Note that you can achieve a better ratio of Mana/Crystal by spending crystals on Recharge Energy, then using the energy to run through dungeons. However, that assumes that your maximum energy is over a certain value, that you are capable of running certain levels of dungeons, and most importantly, that you have enough real-life time to spend running dungeons.


Summoner Pack Edit

Summoner Pack Icon

The basic package for summoning monsters.

Premium Pack Edit

Premium Pack Icon

The best package to summon monsters.

EXP Booster Edit

EXP Booster Icon

Increases the EXP for all monsters by 100%

  • 1 Day EXP Booster
  • Cost: 100 Crystal
  • 3 Days EXP Booster
  • Cost: 200 Crystal

EXP Building Booster

For 7d The amount of EXP that the buildings give to Monsters will be increased by 3 times.

Cost: Crystal250

Attribute Dungeon Edit

Opens a secret dungeon, of a different attribute than the current day.

Cost: Crystal200

Elemental Secret Dungeon Edit

Opens a secret dungeon, of that day's attribute. If there is no elemental dungeon open that day, this option will not be available.

Cost: Crystal100

Dimensional Crystal Edit

Used when you enter the Dimensional Rift.

Essence of Magic Pack Edit

The Essence of Magic Pack that's required for all Monster Awakening!

  • Essence of Magic (High) - Essence of Magic (High)5
  • Essence of Magic (Mid) - Essence of Magic (Mid)15
  • Essence of Magic (Low) - Essence of Magic (Low)30
  • Cost: Crystal250

Symbol of Harmony, Transcendence, or Chaos Edit

Used as a craft material.

  • Symbols - Symbol of Harmony50 or Symbol of Transcendence50 or Symbol of Chaos50
  • Cost: Crystal180
  • Limit: 10 purchases per week (total 500 each)

Rune Piece Edit

Used as a craft material.

  • Rune Piece - Rune Piece50
  • Cost: Crystal180
  • Limit: 15 purchases per week (total 750 each)

Nickname Change Ticket Edit

Nickname Change Ticket Icon

This ticket allows you to change your name.

Cost: 300 Crystal

Other uses Edit

Aside from regular purchases and refills, Crystals can also be used to:

  • Purchase extra Wishes - 20 crystals per wish
  • Refresh Magic Shop inventory - 3 crystals
  • Refresh Arena Match-up list - 10 crystals
  • Revive dead team in dungeon or scenario - 10 crystals
  • Purchase extra slots for Magic Shop (some slots cost crystals, some cost mana stones) - cost varies
  • Purchase extra monster storage slots, either main storage or Monster Storage building - cost varies
  • Purchase certain Buildings - cost varies