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Rune buildsEdit

NPC Lycana flipped
Notice: Generic builds may be added from this pre-approved list, with possible minor changes to suit the monster. Go here to make unique rune build suggestions for monster pages. Use your own judgement when deciding builds for your monsters.

Suggested Rune Builds
Build 4-Set(s) 2-Set(s) Suggested Stats ? Useful for ?

Early/general tank ?

  • N/A
Hp, Def, Res


General support ?

  • N/A
Hp, Def, Res


Countered by Edit

Counters Edit

  • Oracle (Wind) - Seara - bring Rina and three fire monsters, and Rina will draw Seara's attacks, soak them up. Add will runes to negate Seara's first bomb.
  • Panda Warrior (Wind) - Feng Yan - similarly, Rina and three fire monsters.
  • Arena rush hour - use Rina as part of a stall arena defense team, to deter people who think that arena rush hour exists.