Evolution is the process of increasing the grade of a monster.Though monsters begin with an initial star rating, and through the process of evolution, their star rating and stats can be increased. The higher the grade of monsters, the higher the stats. Regardless of a monster's initial star rating, all monsters can be evolved into a 6-Star monster, which is the maximum grade possible.

To evolve a monster, the monster you are trying to evolve must be at maximum level. In the power up building, the evolve button is next to the power up button.


Evolution involves a cost. Players are required to pay mana and also to sacrifice a number of monsters equivalent to the grade of the monster to be evolved. For example, to evolve a 3-Star monster to a 4-Star monster, a cost of 9,600 mana and three 3-Star monsters are required. A 4-Star monster would need four 4-Star monsters and 22,400 mana to evolve to 5-Star. 

The table below illustrates the number of monsters required to evolve a monster to the next grade.

Evolve into ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
★★ 2
★★★ 6 3
★★★★ 24 12 4
★★★★★ 120 60 20 5
★★★★★★ 720 360 120 30 6
To ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★★
Cost Mana Stone 1,600 4,000 9,600 22,400 35,200


After an evolution completes, the monster's level will reset back to one, and its stats will temporarily decrease. However, its stat potential will be higher, and once maximum level is reached, the monster's stats will be greater than before. That means for the same monster, a 5-Star monster at max level will have greater stats than a 4-Star at max level. Skill level and awakened status remain the same after evolution.

Rewards Edit

Upon Evolving a monster to 5★ and 6★ for the first time or Evolving subsequent monsters to 6★, the player is rewarded with one gift per day for 5 days when they log-in. The first day of rewards being immediately on the day of evolution. The rewards must be collected within 10 days.
Collecting Evolution Rewards

First 5-Star Evolution Edit

For the first 5★ Evolution of a monster of any element, the player is rewarded with the gifts listed below.

First 5* Evolution Reward
Day Reward
1 70 Crystals Crystal
2 EXP Booster (12hr) x1
3 3★ MAX Rainbowmon x2
4 Mystical Scroll x1
5 4★ MAX Rainbowmon x1

First 6-Star Evolution per attribute Edit

Below is the list of rewards that players will receive for their first 6★ Evolution for each attribute (only once per element).

First 6* Evolution Reward
Day Reward
1 100 Crystals Crystal
2 3★ MAX Rainbowmon x1
3 Mystical Scroll x3
4 4★ MAX Rainbowmon x1
5 Devilmon x1

Consecutive 6-Star Evolution Edit

For the second and subsequent 6★ Evolution of a monster of any element, the player is rewarded with the gifts listed below.

Consecutive 6* Evolution Reward
Day Reward
1 EXP Booster (12hr) x1
2 50 Energy Energy
3 3★ MAX Rainbowmon x1
4 50 Energy Energy
5 3★ MAX Rainbowmon x1

Notes Edit

  • Using the same family monster (any attribute) as evolution material will also level up a skill level of the evolving monster.
    • Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to use the same family monsters as evolution materials, since you'll use fewer resources this way.
  • If the fodder monster that you use as evolution material has some equipped runes on it, those runes will be destroyed along with the fodder monster. Any runes on the monster you are evolving will stay.
  • The level of the sacrificed monsters does not matter. Even if the fodder monsters were leveled up a bit, the evolved monster will always be level 1 with 0% experience after the evolution.