Fusion Hexagram is a special type of Summoning Circle which allows players to summon 4-star and 5-star monsters by fusing or sacrificing monsters of lower grades. Fusing a 4-star monster requires sacrificing three natural 3-star monsters and one natural 2-star monster which all have been evolved into 4-stars, awakened and leveled to maximum level (30). Fusing a 5-star monster requires sacrificing three natural 4-star monsters and one natural 3-star monster which all need to be evolved to 5-star, awakened and leveled to maximum level (35). The three natural 4-star monsters are all available from the Hexagram itself. Mana Stones are required for any fusion.

Not all monsters are available for summoning in this way. Players are required to follow a set of "Recipes" for summoning certain monsters, and which also dictate which monsters are required as ingredients for fusion. The monsters required for fusion can usually be found either in Scenario areas or Secret Dungeons, although some require summoning through either Mystical Scrolls, Unknown Scrolls or Summoning Pieces from the Guild Shop.

It should be noted that locked monsters can't be used as material monsters. And because material monsters are lost after fusion, any runes attached will also be lost.

The Fusion Hexagram is available in all countries, although some recipes may have been altered in Japan. For more reason, refer to the notes below.


The following are the monster recipes currently available. Players may only summon the recipe monsters below, and must use the ingredient monsters also listed below.

Image Recipe Ingredients Mana Stone Cost
Paladin (Light) Icon 5★ Paladin (Light) 500,000
Phoenix (Water) Icon 5★ Phoenix (Water)


Valkyrja (Wind) Icon 5★ Valkyrja (Wind)


Ifrit (Dark) Icon 5★ Ifrit (Dark) 500,000
Panda Warrior (Fire) Icon 5★ Panda Warrior (Fire) 500,000
Nine-tailed Fox (Wind) Icon 4★ Nine-tailed Fox (Wind) 100,000
Joker (Fire) Icon 4★ Joker (Fire) 100,000
Ninja (Water) Icon 4★ Ninja (Water) 100,000
Sylph (Fire) Icon 4★ Sylph (Fire) 100,000
Undine (Water) Icon 4★ Undine (Water) 100,000
Vampire (Wind) Icon 4★ Vampire (Wind) 100,000
Succubus (Fire) Icon 4★ Succubus (Fire) 100,000
Kung Fu Girl (Wind) Icon 4★ Kung Fu Girl (Wind) 100,000
Horus (Water) Icon 4★ Horus (Water) 100,000
Harp Magician (Fire) Icon 4★ Harp Magician (Fire) 100,000
Samurai (Water) Icon 4★ Samurai (Water) 100,000

Fusion TablesEdit

SW Fusion Patch210

Updated for Patch 2.1.0 - (New Fusion & Secret Dungeons)

Fusion Materials By Element
WindSymbol Wind WaterSymbol Water FireSymbol Fire DarkSymbol Dark LightSymbol Light
Amazon Bearman Beast Hunter Yeti Cow Girl
Bearman Garuda Hellhound
Charger Shark Golem High Elemental
Golem Griffon Inugami
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper Imp
Harpu Harpy Joker
Harpy Horus Living Armor
Howl Imp Magical Archer
Inferno Inugami Martial Cat
Kung Fu Girl Magical Archer Salamander
Lizardman Martial Cat Serpent
Minotauros Mummy Succubus
Nine-Tailed Fox Ninja Sylph
Salamander Pixie Viking
Vampire Serpent Werewolf
Werewolf Undine Yeti
Fairy Samurai Harp Magician
Magical Archer Martial Artist Elemental
Warbear Mystic Witch
Inferno Vagabond
Fusion Materials - Sortable by Name or Element
Awakened Name Monster Name Monster Element Secret Dungeon Map Farming
Hina Amazon WindSymbol Wind No No / Guild Shop
Gruda Bearman WaterSymbol Water Yes
Dagorr Bearman WindSymbol Wind Yes
Nangrim Beast Hunter FireSymbol Fire Yes
Zephicus Charger Shark WindSymbol Wind No No
Konamiya Garuda WaterSymbol Water Yes
Kuhn Golem WaterSymbol Water Yes
Ragion Golem WindSymbol Wind Yes
Kahn Griffon WaterSymbol Water Yes
Hemos Grim Reaper WaterSymbol Water Yes
Hiva Grim Reaper WindSymbol Wind No Aiden Forest
Seal Harpu WindSymbol Wind Yes
Prilea Harpy WindSymbol Wind No Kabir Ruins
Ramira Harpy WaterSymbol Water Yes
Sieq Hellhound FireSymbol Fire No Faimon Volcano
Kahli High Elemental FireSymbol Fire No Vrofagus Ruins
Qebehsenuef Horus WaterSymbol Water No No / Fusion
Chichi Howl WindSymbol Wind Yes
Cogma Imp FireSymbol Fire Yes
Fynn Imp WaterSymbol Water Yes
Anduril Inferno WindSymbol Wind Yes
Icaru Inugami WaterSymbol Water No Garen Forest
Raoq Inugami FireSymbol Fire No Faimon Volcano
Jojo Joker FireSymbol Fire No No / Fusion
Iron Living Armor FireSymbol Fire No Ferun Castle
Ling Ling Kung Fu Girl WindSymbol Wind No No / Fusion
Velfinodon Lizardman WindSymbol Wind Yes
Cassandra Magical Archer FireSymbol Fire Yes
Sharron Magical Archer WaterSymbol Water Yes
Mei Martial Cat FireSymbol Fire No No / Guild Shop
Mina Martial Cat WaterSymbol Water No No / Guild Shop
Eintau Minotaurus WindSymbol Wind No Chiruka Remains
Nubia Mummy WaterSymbol Water No No
Arang Nine-Tailed Fox WindSymbol Wind No No / Fusion
Susano Ninja WaterSymbol Water No No / Fusion
Kacey Pixie WaterSymbol Water Yes No
Krakdon Salamander FireSymbol Fire No Faimon Volcano
Lukan Salamander WindSymbol Wind No Tamor Desert
Fao Serpent FireSymbol Fire Yes
Shailoq Serpent WaterSymbol Water Yes
Akia Succubus FireSymbol Fire No No / Fusion
Baretta Sylph FireSymbol Fire No No / Fusion
Mikene Undine WaterSymbol Water No No / Fusion
Argen Vampire WindSymbol Wind No No / Fusion
Geoffrey Viking FireSymbol Fire Yes
Garoche Werewolf FireSymbol Fire No Vrofagus Ruins
Shakan Werewolf WindSymbol Wind Yes
Kumae Yeti DarkSymbol Dark Yes
Tantra Yeti FireSymbol Fire Yes


The Fusion Hexagram recipes are altered in Japan (based on user's IP address), so that all the materials are farmable. This is because the original form with non-farmable monsters is a Kompu Gacha  (コンプガチャ) model (collecting items that can only be obtained by a random chance, and then the whole collection is used to get a grand prize). The Kompu Gacha model was declared illegal in Japan in 2012, as it is akin to gambling, and encourages players to gamble in order to get the grand prize.

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