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Glancing Hits can occur in several situations:

  • When a defending monster has an attribute that is strong against the attacking attribute, there is an innate chance that the attack will land as a glancing hit.
  • If the attacking monster has a glancing hit harmful effect (debuff) on them.
  • If the target has a passive that can cause glancing hits. (Molly, Devinodon)

If two or more of these criteria are met, the chance of a glancing hit rises accordingly.


  • Glancing Hits are mutually exclusive with normal hits, Crushing Hits, and Critical Hits.
  • Glancing Hits will decrease the damage by 30% and if the attacker has Attribute disadvantage, damage will be decreased additionally by 16%.
  • Glancing Hits cannot activate almost all skill harmful effects (see exceptions below).
  • Despair rune set effect does not activate on glancing hit.

Harmful Effect ExceptionsEdit

  • All cool down resets can bypass glancing hits[1] (Fiery Breath, Thunder Wield).
  • Debuffs applied through passives can bypass glancing hits (Burning Whip, Frozen Body).
  • All buff removal effects on the target works on glancing hits.
  • 2nd skill, Curse of the Beautiful, of the Desert Queen family: Bastet, Sekhmet, and Nephthys can apply debuffs even on glancing hits.
  • Ethna's 3rd skill, Capture can still land stun even if the last hit glances although the innate 30% doesn't count towards the % chance of stunning, only the % chance of stunning the enemy that scales on the amount of HP left after the attack. If the enemies health is below 30% the stun is always guarenteed even on glancing.


  • Skills that do not deal damage will not glance (Surprise Bomb, Plague, etc).
  • Skills that deal fixed damage will not glance (Clean Shot, Extortion, Inhale Magic, etc).
  • Some skills reduce the chance of landing glancing hits (all Beast Hunters' 1st skill, Laika's passive, etc).
  • Skills that always land as a certain type of hit
    • Orion's 2nd skill: Crushing Hit
    • Ramira's 3rd skill: Critical Hit
    • Moria's 3rd skill: Critical Hit
    • Et cetera

Additional Notes Edit

A glancing hit was formerly known as a "miss." The in-game help text still refers to things like "increased chances of missing" in places.



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