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Glory points Glory Point are an in-game currency that can be earned only by participating in the Arena. You earn 2-5 points per win depending on your Arena rank, and 1 point per loss. additionally you will get 3 glory points for beating the rivals.


Glory points can only be spent in the Glory Shop, which contains some high quality items.

Summoning ScrollsEdit

  1. Unknown Scroll, 12 points 
  2. Mystical Scroll, 240 points, limited to once (1) per week
  3. Water Scroll, 300 points, limited to once (1) per week
  4. Fire Scroll, 300 points, limited to once (1) per week
  5. Wind Scroll, 300 points, limited to once (1) per week


  1. Devilmon, 180 points, limited to once (1) per week
  2. Random Angelmon, 100 points, limited to once (1) per day


Main article: Buildings 

Certain buildings require Glory Points to buy and upgrade. These buildings provide boosts to various aspects of the game, and these effects apply everywhere in the game, Upgrading these buildings will increase the boost of the buildings. The cost of upgrading will also increase as the level of the buildings increase.

In other languageEdit

English Glory Point
Korean 명예점수
Japanese 名誉ポイント
Traditional Chinese名譽分數
Simplified Chinese 名誉分数
French Point de gloire
German Ehrenpunkt
Russian Медалей
Portuguese Pontos de Glória
Spanish Punto de Gloria
Indonesian Glory Point
Malay Mata Gemilang
Vietnamese Điểm Thanh Danh
Thai แต้มเกียรติยศ

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