Leader Skills are additional passive Skills which some Monsters possess. They usually increase a specific stat for all ally monsters, although some stat bonuses may be specific to a certain element or area. The increase from leader skills are calculated from the base stat of each individual monster.

Leader skill effects stay effective even if the the monster with it dies. You can check if the leader skill is active from the color of its description in the monster selection screen. If the wording is displayed in white, it will not work; if it is displayed in orange/yellow, this means it will work.

List of Leader Skills by effectEdit

The following tables show the effects of leader skills sorted according to the monsters they affect. For example, the "All Areas" leader skills affect all monsters, such as monsters in Dungeons, Arena, etc. The "Wind Monster" leader skills affect all Wind monsters, and so on.

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Tigresse WaterSymbol15%
Dagora WaterSymbol15%
Lusha LightSymbol15%
Draco FireSymbol25%
Nigong LightSymbol33%
Verad WaterSymbol33%
Xing Zhe WindSymbol33%
Veromos DarkSymbol33%
Sekhmet FireSymbol33%
Mo Long WaterSymbol33%
Astar FireSymbol25%
Attack Lamor FireSymbol15%
Geoffrey FireSymbol15%
Lyn LightSymbol18%
Cassie DarkSymbol18%
Isillen DarkSymbol20%
Gildong WaterSymbol22%
Lapis WaterSymbol25%
Su WaterSymbol25%
Yen WindSymbol25%
Lucas LightSymbol25%
Karl DarkSymbol25%
Ran DarkSymbol25%
Zaiross FireSymbol33%
Shi Hou WaterSymbol33%
Giana DarkSymbol33%
Poseidon WaterSymbol33%
Isis LightSymbol33%
Critical Rate Samour WindSymbol10%
Hina WindSymbol13%
Erwin WindSymbol15%
Hwadam LightSymbol17%
Hwa FireSymbol19%
Lupinus WindSymbol19%
Pang LightSymbol19%
Korona DarkSymbol19%
Juno FireSymbol24%
Zerath LightSymbol24%
Theomars WaterSymbol24%
Pungbaek WindSymbol24%
Manannan DarkSymbol24%
Critical Damage Fami LightSymbol25%
Attack Speed Fran LightSymbol10%
Janssen DarkSymbol10%
Ceres FireSymbol13%
Lucien LightSymbol15%
Baretta FireSymbol19%
Tyron WaterSymbol19%
Gemini LightSymbol19%
Conrad LightSymbol19%
Lanett DarkSymbol19%
Chiwu FireSymbol24%
Jamire WindSymbol24%
Seara WindSymbol24%
Pontos LightSymbol24%
Nephthys DarkSymbol24%
Resistance Elucia WaterSymbol20%
Neal LightSymbol20%
Woochi WindSymbol28%
Clara FireSymbol30%
Briand WindSymbol30%
Eva LightSymbol30%
Dias DarkSymbol30%
Sophia WindSymbol30%
Qitian Dasheng LightSymbol41%
Praha WaterSymbol41%
Grogen DarkSymbol41%
Tesarion FireSymbol41%
Hathor WindSymbol41%
Accuracy Havana DarkSymbol15%
Ellin WaterSymbol22%
Mara DarkSymbol22%
Julie WaterSymbol30%
Aquila WindSymbol30%
Luna DarkSymbol30%
Laima LightSymbol41%
Woosa WaterSymbol41%
Akhamamir WindSymbol41%
Okeanos FireSymbol41%
Son Zhang Lao DarkSymbol41%
Iris LightSymbol30%
Defense Raviti WindSymbol20%
Orion WaterSymbol25%
Fedora WaterSymbol25%
Arnold FireSymbol25%
Mei Hou Wang FireSymbol33%
Triton WindSymbol33%
Woonsa DarkSymbol33%
Bastet WaterSymbol33%
Xiong Fei FireSymbol33%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Burentau FireSymbol30%
Naki FireSymbol30%
Rakan FireSymbol50%
Velajuel FireSymbol50%
Attack Lucasha FireSymbol30%
Sath FireSymbol30%
Cassandra FireSymbol35%
Shihwa FireSymbol40%
Critical Rate Tagaros FireSymbol23%
Kahli FireSymbol23%
Rica FireSymbol38%
Attack Speed Ignicus FireSymbol23%
Garo FireSymbol30%
Resistance Sonora FireSymbol38%
Fria FireSymbol50%
Accuracy Zibrolta FireSymbol50%
Defense Kungen FireSymbol30%
Atenai FireSymbol40%
Laika FireSymbol50%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Urtau WaterSymbol30%
Toma WaterSymbol30%
Taor WaterSymbol50%
Ariel WaterSymbol50%
Attack Kahn WaterSymbol30%
Hemos WaterSymbol30%
Sharron WaterSymbol35%
Soha WaterSymbol40%
Critical Rate Purian WaterSymbol23%
Ellena WaterSymbol23%
Anavel WaterSymbol38%
Attack Speed Icaru WaterSymbol23%
Aqcus WaterSymbol23%
Susano WaterSymbol30%
Resistance Nubia WaterSymbol38%
Lumirecia WaterSymbol50%
Accuracy Malaka WaterSymbol50%
Defense Gruda WaterSymbol30%
Talc WaterSymbol30%
Mikene WaterSymbol40%
Chow WaterSymbol50%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Ragion WindSymbol30%
Eintau WindSymbol30%
Mav WindSymbol30%
Lagmaron WindSymbol50%
Eladriel WindSymbol50%
Attack Bernard WindSymbol30%
Hiva WindSymbol30%
Ardella WindSymbol35%
Arang WindSymbol40%
Critical Rate Anduril WindSymbol23%
Moria WindSymbol23%
Charlotte WindSymbol38%
Attack Speed Ramahan WindSymbol23%
Zephicus WindSymbol23%
Orochi WindSymbol30%
Resistance Namib WindSymbol38%
Acasis WindSymbol50%
Accuracy Taurus WindSymbol50%
Defense Dagorr WindSymbol30%
Olivine WindSymbol30%
Delphoi WindSymbol40%
Leo WindSymbol50%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Groggo LightSymbol30%
Grotau LightSymbol30%
Dona LightSymbol30%
Shan LightSymbol50%
Artamiel LightSymbol50%
Attack Shamann LightSymbol30%
Prom LightSymbol30%
Chris LightSymbol35%
Chamie LightSymbol40%
Critical Rate Eludain LightSymbol23%
Shren LightSymbol23%
Lora LightSymbol38%
Attack Speed Rumicus LightSymbol23%
Gin LightSymbol30%
Resistance Sahara LightSymbol38%
Mihael LightSymbol50%
Accuracy Dover LightSymbol50%
Defense Sia LightSymbol25%
Ahman LightSymbol30%
Marble LightSymbol30%
Icasha LightSymbol40%
Jager LightSymbol50%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Kumae DarkSymbol25%
Kamatau DarkSymbol30%
Kuna DarkSymbol30%
Zeratu DarkSymbol50%
Fermion DarkSymbol50%
Attack Hellea DarkSymbol30%
Thrain DarkSymbol30%
Bethony DarkSymbol35%
Kamiya DarkSymbol40%
Critical Rate Drogan DarkSymbol23%
Jumaline DarkSymbol23%
Nicki DarkSymbol38%
Attack Speed Calicus DarkSymbol23%
Han DarkSymbol30%
Resistance Karakum DarkSymbol38%
Icares DarkSymbol50%
Accuracy Bering DarkSymbol50%
Defense Seren DarkSymbol25%
Basalt DarkSymbol30%
Haken DarkSymbol30%
Tilasha DarkSymbol40%
Ragdoll DarkSymbol50%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Fao FireSymbol21%
Mantura DarkSymbol21%
Rigel WaterSymbol33%
Julien WindSymbol33%
Aria LightSymbol33%
Duamutef FireSymbol33%
Melissa WindSymbol33%
Beth WaterSymbol44%
Brandia FireSymbol44%
Akroma LightSymbol44%
Attack Megan WaterSymbol21%
Anne FireSymbol21%
Fuco WindSymbol33%
Guillaume DarkSymbol33%
Hong Hua FireSymbol33%
Trevor FireSymbol33%
Amduat DarkSymbol33%
Deva LightSymbol33%
Raki FireSymbol44%
Alicia WaterSymbol44%
Oberon LightSymbol44%
Critical Rate Antares FireSymbol24%
Imesety WindSymbol24%
Liu Mei LightSymbol24%
Talia WaterSymbol24%
Camilla WaterSymbol33%
Ethna WindSymbol33%
Daphnis FireSymbol33%
Attack Speed Izaria WaterSymbol24%
Shimitae WindSymbol24%
Halphas LightSymbol24%
Fei DarkSymbol24%
Wedjat LightSymbol24%
Shaina FireSymbol24%
Wolyung DarkSymbol28%
Vanessa FireSymbol33%
Trinity DarkSymbol33%
Psamathe WaterSymbol33%
Resistance Silia WindSymbol26%
Gina DarkSymbol26%
Jean FireSymbol40%
Selena WindSymbol40%
Grego DarkSymbol40%
Qebehsenuef WaterSymbol40%
Yeonhong LightSymbol48%
Katarina WindSymbol55%
Elenoa LightSymbol55%
Nyx DarkSymbol55%
Accuracy Rebecca FireSymbol26%
Linda LightSymbol26%
Akia FireSymbol40%
Luer WaterSymbol40%
Ling Ling WindSymbol40%
Belita DarkSymbol40%
Lydia DarkSymbol55%
Asima LightSymbol55%
Ganymede WindSymbol55%
Defense Chloe FireSymbol27%
Xiao Lin WaterSymbol33%
Louis LightSymbol33%
Isael DarkSymbol33%
Craka DarkSymbol44%
Tiana WindSymbol44%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Teon LightSymbol17%
Kai'en FireSymbol18%
Baekdu LightSymbol21%
Sian WaterSymbol33%
Smokey FireSymbol33%
Liesel WaterSymbol38%
Sigmarus WaterSymbol44%
Attack Sera WaterSymbol21%
Lushen WindSymbol33%
Ryan WaterSymbol33%
Julianne LightSymbol38%
Perna FireSymbol44%
Rahul DarkSymbol44%
Critical Rate Misty LightSymbol24%
Cadiz DarkSymbol28%
Teshar WindSymbol33%
Kumar FireSymbol33%
Attack Speed Eredas LightSymbol24%
Aschubel DarkSymbol24%
Verdehile FireSymbol28%
Resistance Iona LightSymbol33%
Figaro LightSymbol40%
Argen WindSymbol48%
Jaara DarkSymbol55%
Accuracy Nangrim FireSymbol26%
Liebli DarkSymbol40%
Chilling WaterSymbol40%
Shazam LightSymbol55%
Ritesh WindSymbol55%
Defense Jojo FireSymbol33%
Windy WindSymbol33%
Eludia LightSymbol44%
Chandra WaterSymbol44%

Stat Monster Increase by
HP Mei FireSymbol21%
Eshir LightSymbol21%
Aegir WaterSymbol33%
Thebae DarkSymbol33%
Maruna FireSymbol33%
Tian Lang LightSymbol44%
Louise WindSymbol44%
Attack Vigor WaterSymbol21%
Hannah WindSymbol21%
Xiao Ling LightSymbol21%
Carrack FireSymbol33%
Hraesvelg WindSymbol33%
Frigate DarkSymbol33%
Illianna LightSymbol33%
Martina DarkSymbol33%
Mi Ying DarkSymbol44%
Critical Rate Mina WaterSymbol16%
Jamie DarkSymbol16%
Barque WindSymbol24%
Lisa FireSymbol24%
Bailey LightSymbol24%
Leona DarkSymbol33%
Attack Speed Randy FireSymbol16%
Naomi WindSymbol16%
Jultan DarkSymbol16%
Galleon WaterSymbol24%
Khmun FireSymbol24%
Mimirr LightSymbol24%
Zenobia WindSymbol24%
Sylvia DarkSymbol33%
Resistance Shakan WindSymbol26%
Walkers LightSymbol26%
Hrungnir DarkSymbol40%
Emma WaterSymbol40%
Avaris WaterSymbol40%
Jeanne LightSymbol55%
Accuracy Garoche FireSymbol26%
Roger WindSymbol26%
Iunu WindSymbol40%
Brig LightSymbol40%
Sabrina WaterSymbol40%
Josephine WaterSymbol55%
Defense Wayne WaterSymbol21%
Miho DarkSymbol21%
Surtr FireSymbol33%
Olivia WindSymbol33%
Amarna LightSymbol33%
Feng Yan WindSymbol44%
Ophilia FireSymbol44%

Conditional effectsEdit

Leader skill active

Example of a Conditional Leader Skill that is active. Orange text description.

Leader skill inactive

Example of a Conditional Leader Skill that is inactive. White text description.

Some Leader Skills impose a condition on the effects regarding the area.

The three areas are Arena, Dungeons, and Guild Battles:

  • Increases the <stat> of ally monsters in the Arena by <percent> : Works only in the Arena and World Arena
  • Increases the <stat> of ally monsters in the Dungeons by <percent> : Works only in the Cairos Dungeons and against the Elemental Rift dungeons. (Neither in Trial of Ascension nor in Scenarios)
  • Increases the <stat> of ally monsters in Guild Battle by <percent> : Works only in Guild Battles and Siege Battles

Besides the area, there may instead be a condition regarding the element:

  • Increases the <stat> of ally monsters with <element> attribute by <percent>

In other languageEdit

English Leader Skill
Korean 리더 스킬
Japanese リーダースキルRīdā Sukiru
Traditional Chinese領袖技能
Simplified Chinese 领袖技能
French Aptitude leader
German Leader-Fertigk.
Russian Навык лидера
Portuguese Habilidade de Líder
Spanish Habilidad de Líder
Indonesian Leader Skill
Malay Kemahiran Ketua
Vietnamese Kỹ năng lãnh đạo
Thai สกิลผู้นำ