Legendary Scroll

"An ancient summoning scroll with great powers."

Legendary Scrolls can be used to summon wind, water, or fire monsters between 4-star and 5-star grade (this includes natural 4-star monsters summoned at 5-stars in their awakened form).

Legendary Scrolls are the second most difficult scroll to acquire in the game, after the Transcendence Scroll. As of now, there are five ways to obtain one: clear the 100th floor of the Trial of Ascension, Complete the mission V ' Giant's Keep Master ', by in-app purchase (cost $99.99 USD), collecting as a reward from the World Boss and as of patch v1.6.0 you can collect Legendary Summoning Pieces through the Guild Shop or Magic Shop or as well from the World Boss.

Legendary Scrolls cannot summon Light and Dark monsters, nor can they summon Angelmon, Rainbowmon, or Devilmon. The summoning costs 50,000 mana stones in addition to consuming the scroll.

Where to AcquireEdit

  • Achievement (mission)

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Summoning RatesEdit

Grade Percentage
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star 93.5% [1]
Gold StarGold StarGold StarGold StarGold Star 6.5%


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