Level is the measure of a player or monster's progression throughout the game. There are two types of Levels: Player level and monster level. Both levels can be increased by gaining experience through Scenarios, Dungeons, Arena, Missions and Achievements.

Player LevelEdit

Player level is the overall measure of your progress in the game. Your player level determines the grade of items you can buy in the Magic Shop as well as the buildings and the amount of buildings you can build. For example, at level 28, you will begin to see 6-Star Runes, the highest grade possible, in the Magic Shop. Lastly, players below level 50 may take level 50 players as their Mentors.

Monster LevelEdit

A monster's level is the general measure of a monster's strength. As monsters level up, their stats, namely HP, Attack and Defense, will increase. The maximum level a monster can attain depends on its grade. The higher the grade, the higher the maximum level. 

Maximum LevelEdit

Grade Level
★★ 20
★★★ 25
★★★★ 30
★★★★★ 35
★★★★★★ 40


Levelling is the process of increasing the level of monsters. There are various ways to do this:

  • Power-up: Monsters can be sacrificed to provide experience to other monsters. 
  • Dungeons: Monsters that participate in dungeons gain experience.
  • Scenarios: Monsters that participate in scenarios gain experience.
  • Arena: Monsters that participate in the arena gain experience.
  • XP Buildings: Monsters that are put in XP Buildings will gain experience over time.

XP Edit

Experience points Experience Point is the measurement unit used to quantify a monster's level. A monster will level up when its XP reaches 100%. This table shows the amount of XP required to level up for each grade.