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Rune BuildsEdit

Rune Icon Notice: Generic builds may be added from this pre-approved list, with possible minor changes to suit the monster. Go here to make unique rune build suggestions for monster pages. Use your own judgement when deciding builds for your monsters.

Suggested Rune Builds
Build 4-Set 2-Set Suggested Stats ? Useful for ?

Early tank ?


Energy Rune IconRune DividerGuard Rune Icon

Hp, Def


General support ?

Swift Rune Icon

Focus Rune IconRune DividerEnergy Rune IconRune DividerEndure Rune IconRune DividerNemesis Rune Icon

Spd, Hp, Def

All game

Violent supporter ?

Violent Rune Icon

Energy Rune IconRune DividerFocus Rune IconRune DividerWill Rune IconRune DividerNemesis Rune Icon

Spd, Hp, Acc

End game

Violent attacker ?

Violent Rune Icon

Blade Rune IconRune DividerRevenge Rune IconRune DividerEndure Rune Icon

Atk, CR, CD, Acc

End Game