The Magic Shop is a building which allows players to purchase Runes and certain Monsters in the game. The shop begins with four slots open, and extra slots can be unlocked using either Mana stones or Crystals, with each additional slot increasing in cost up to a maximum of 12 slots. The shop list refreshes itself every hour, although players can spend 3 Crystals to manually refresh the list at any time.

Slots price Edit

Slot Cost
1 Free
2 Free
3 Free
4 Free
5 1,000 Mana Stone
6 10 Crystal
7 10,000 Mana Stone
8 25 Crystal
9 30,000 Mana Stone
10 40 Crystal
11 50,000 Mana Stone
12 55 Crystal

Available for saleEdit

  1. Unknown Scrolls (
  2. Mystical Scrolls (115,000 ~ 145,000 Mana Stone depending on the slot)
  3. Light & Dark Summoning Pieces: 5/50 pieces (135,000 ~ 160,000 Mana Stone)
  4. Legendary Summoning Pieces: 5/100 pieces (165,000 ~ 185,000 Mana Stone)
  5. Summoning Stones: 2/50 pieces (15,000 ~ 25,000 Mana Stone)
  6. 1★ to 6★ Runes (2★ Runes will no longer appear once you reach level 30)
  7. Elemental (wind, water, fire) monsters up to 2★

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