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Transmog galleriesEdit

  • Sleepy Charlotte front
  • Sleepy Charlotte right
  • Sleepy Charlotte back
  • Sleepy Charlotte left
  • Beach Girl Charlotte front
  • Beach Girl Charlotte right
  • Beach Girl Charlotte back
  • Beach Girl Charlotte left

Trivia Edit

  • A theory is that Charlotte's wind typing may be due to the fact that she looks very similar to Kanaria, a character from the anime/manga series Rozen Maidens. Kanaria has many similarities to Charlotte in terms of looks(the hairstyle and hair color, hairbow, dress and shoes are all there) and one of Kanaria's skills is that she can use a cyclone. Kanaria wears yellow clothing and her name is translated to "canary," a yellow bird, thus Charlotte's wind typing.
  • The name Charlotte means "free man" or "petite".