Power-Up Circle

Power-up circle

"A circle where you can power-up a monster to a higher grade. With high levels of Epikion natural stone conductivity and Oriharcons, it minimizes side effects when using magic."
Type Main building
Level Unlocked Starter Building
Cost Free

Power-Up Circle is a building which allows players to power up or evolve a monster at the cost of Mana Stones and sacrificing other monsters. Up to five monsters may be used to power up or evolve a monster at a time. When powering up a monster, there is roughly a 20% chance of gaining 1.5 times the normal amount of experience.

Experience Edit

The amount of experience provided to a monster from powering up depends on the grade of the monsters being sacrificed, as well as their current level. Awakening status of monsters being sacrificed does not affect experience gain. The following table illustrates this.

XP provided by monsters
Monster Grade XP Provided
Level 1 MAX Level
800 1210
★★ 1760 3086
★★★ 3200 6204
★★★★ 6724 13851
★★★★★ 16000 43708
★★★★★★ 44001 139356

Power-up strategy Edit

  • Powering-up the main monster with monsters of the same family will increase the level of a skill of the main monster.
    • For example, powering-up an Inugami (Fire) with Inugami (Water) will increase the skill level of Inugami (Fire).
    • If you have a monster that you are thinking of keeping, be on the lookout for monsters that are of the same family.
    • Both awakened and unawakened monsters can be used to increase the level of monsters of the same family.
    • Skill gained through awakening can also be upgraded by sacrificing monsters in the same family.
    • Evolving a monster by sacrificing a family monster that already has upgraded skill levels in it does not give you bonus skill levels. It will give 1 level like a fresh monster.
  • One of the best ways to use Unknown Scrolls is to level up Angelmons to their max level. Angelmons provide more XP than any other monsters when used as power-up material.

Evolution strategyEdit

  • Monsters can only be evolved when they are at the maximum level for their grade.
  • Evolving a monster with monsters of the same family will increase the level of a skill of the main monster.
  • Evolution requires sacrificing as many monsters as the grade of the monster to be evolved is. Players should plan which monster they should evolve as the cost becomes expensive the higher the grade of the monster is.
    • For example, to evolve a Werewolf (Water) from 3-Star to 4-Star, three 3-Star monsters of any level are required.
    • The table below shows the number of monsters (according to grade) that needs to be sacrificed to evolve a monster to the next grade.
Evolve into ★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
★★ 1
★★★ 4 2
★★★★ 18 9 3
★★★★★ 96 48 16 4
★★★★★★ 600 300 100 25 5

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