A special event may occur that will add Power-up Stones as a possible reward for finishing any dungeon or scenario map. A Power-up Stone can be used when upgrading a rune to double the chances of having a successful rune upgrade.

Each stone is added to a running total number of stones, and stones will expire and be destroyed if they are not used. The count increases whenever a Power-up Stone is acquired, and the Stones used at Rune Power-ups will not be deducted from the count. In other words, players will receive additional rewards for finding a certain number of Stones:

Amount Prize
10 Energy x50
20 30,000 Mana Stones
40 Mystical Scroll x1
80 Crystal x 100
100 (Varies)

Recorded Event Dates: Edit

Start Date End Date Expiration Date 100 Stone Reward Additional Rewards
Apr 20th, 2015 Apr 28th, 2015 May 7th 2015 at 12am PDT (Global Server) Crystal x 150

1 Angelmon per attribute (Fire+Water+Wind)

Aug 17th, 2015 Aug. 30, 2015 Sep 6th, 8am PDT (Global Server) Crystal x 150

3* Rainbowmon (Max Lv.)

A player receives 20 Energy for the first Power-up Stone they find, available once per day for the duration of the event.

Using Power-up Stones Edit

To use a Power-up Stone proceed to upgrade a rune as normal but select the "Power-Up stone" option on the upgrade panel. One stone will be used per upgrade attempt.

  1. Select the Rune to Power-up.
  2. Check the Power Stone before tapping on the [Power-up] Button.
  3. Tap on the Power-up Button.