Power-up Stone Icon
A Power-up Stone is an item that can only be obtained during Events. Power-up stones double the chances of success when powering-up a rune.

During the events, in addtion to getting power-up stones, players get also get additional rewards such as Crystals and Mystical Scrolls, by collecting a certain amount of Power-up stones.


Power-up Stone IconPower-up StoneThis stone was made by crystallizing Mana extracted from pure crystals. Your success rate will be doubled if you use this stone for Rune Power-up.
Soccer Ball Power Stone IconSoccer Ball Power StoneThe energy of an otherworldly festival channeled into and crystallized to become this Power Stone. Use it when you Power-up your Runes to double your success rates.
Halloween Candy IconHalloween CandyIt's sweet candy for Halloween! Use it for Rune Power-up to double your success rate!

Drop LocationsEdit

During the events, power-up stones can be found anywhere in the game, except in Secret Dungeons and the Arena .

In other languageEdit

English Power-up Stone
Korean 강화석
Japanese 強化石
Traditional Chinese強化石
Simplified Chinese 强化石
French Pierre d'amélioration
German Aufwertungsstein
Russian Камень усиления
Portuguese Pedra de Melhoria
Spanish Piedra Potenciadora
Indonesian Power-up Stone
Malay Batu Power-up
Vietnamese Nâng cấp Đá
Thai หินเพิ่มพลัง