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Splash Rainbowmon

"Rainbow Garden is an event-only dungeon. Rainbowmons are used to Evolve Monsters and are graded from 1 Stars to 3 Stars."

Rainbow Garden
Rainbow Garden Symbol
Energy Cost
Stages Cost Energy
1 5

The Rainbow Garden is a special event-only dungeon consisting of only Rainbowmon. There is only one stage, which consists of a boss Rainbowmon. Defeating it will cause it to divide into two smaller ones, each of which will divided once more when defeated for a possible total of four Rainbowmon. Clearing stage will award a player with a max-level Rainbowmon of either 2-star or 3-star grade. Once dungeon is cleared once, players may not enter the dungeon to clear it again. 

Drop InfoEdit

  • Monsters:


3 types of monsters will appear in the dungeon:

Monster Effect upon Death
Boss Rainbow Angelmon Divides into two mini-boss Angelmons
Mini-boss Rainbow Angelmon Divides into two regular Angelmons
Rainbow Angelmon Monster causes HUGE damage to monster that killed it ( reduces its hp to 1 )

To clear the stage, a total of 1 Boss Rainbow Angelmon, 2 Mini-boss Rainbow Angelmons and 4 Rainbow Angelmons must be defeated.

Boss abilitiesEdit

Monster Skill Description
Boss Rainbow Angelmon Holy Nova Attacks all enemies with a divine energy and stuns the enemies for 1 turn with a fixed chance.
Angel's Loop (Passive) Incoming damage is reduced by 10% if the incoming damage is larger than 10% of the Boss's MAX HP. [Automatic Effect]
Caprice (Passive) Attack Speed increases with time. [Automatic Effect]
Mini-boss Rainbow Angelmon (Left) Whine Attacks all enemies and disturbs recovery for 2 turns with a fixed chance.
Angel's Loop (Passive) Incoming damage is reduced by 10% if the incoming damage is larger than 10% of the Boss's MAX HP. [Automatic Effect]
Mini-boss Rainbow Angelmon (Right) Misconduct Attacks all enemies and inflicts Continuous Damage for 3 turns with a fixed chance.
Caprice (Passive) Attack Speed increases with time. [Automatic Effect]
Rainbow Angelmon Attack -
Sucidal Explosion (Passive) Inflicts huge damage on the monster that dealt the last hit. This attack cannot reduce the health of a unit below 1.

In other languageEdit

English Rainbow Garden
Korean 무지개몬 던전
Japanese レインボーモンダンジョンReinbōmon Danjon
Traditional Chinese彩虹怪地下城
Simplified Chinese 彩虹怪地下城
French Jardin Arc-en-Ciel
German Regenbogengarten
Russian Сад радужного ангелмона
Portuguese Jardim Arco-Íris
Spanish Jardín Arcoíris
Indonesian Rainbow Garden
Malay Taman Pelangi
Vietnamese Vườn Cầu Vồng
Thai สวนเรนโบว์

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