Scroll of Light & Darkness

"A Summon Scroll possessing the power of Light and Darkness. It summons a Light or Dark monster between 3 and 5-stars."

The Scroll of Light & Darkness is a rare type of summoning scroll and is one of only 2 summoning methods that allows users to summon light and dark monsters (Excluding monsters given to the player, such as being a high enough rank in arena), along with summoning pieces. It is only available through a limited number of ways, such as through in-app purchases using real money and through completing Achievements. Most notably, one can be obtained by the Achievement for completing Faimon Volcano for the first time.

The Scroll of Light & Darkness can be used to summon light and dark monsters between 3-star and 5-star grade; this includes awakened 3-star and 4-star monsters.

The Scroll of Light & Darkness cannot summon Fire, Water, or Wind monsters, nor can they summon Angelmon, Rainbowmon, or Devilmon. The summoning costs 10,000 mana stones in addition to consuming the scroll.

Currently there are 282 different monsters that can be summoned from a Scroll of Light & Darkness.

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