Secret Dungeons are hidden dungeons opened for an exact one hour, which can only be found in the five Halls of Elements (Halls of Water, Fire, Wind, Dark, Light) as a random stage clear reward. Secret dungeons consist of 10 stages, with each stage requiring players to defeat waves of one particular monster. Clearing a certain amount of stages awards players with summoning pieces for that monster. Once enough pieces have been acquired, players can summon that monster at the Summoning Circle. The number of pieces required depends on the grade of that monster. The element of the dungeon's monster depends on which Hall the Secret Dungeon was discovered in, with the Hall of Light giving only Light monsters, and so on.


Finding a Secret Dungeon

Only one Secret Dungeon may be discovered at a time, although players may enter into other players' dungeons if they have been befriended. A Secret Dungeon that's been discovered is available to all players in the friends list, whether that person was befriended before or after the discovery. Once 10 different friends have entered, it will be permanently inaccessible for any other friend that tries to enter. If a friend enters a player's Secret Dungeon, that player is awarded one extra monster summoning piece (only one piece per friend, regardless of how many times that friend runs the dungeon).


Each Secret Dungeon consists of 10 stages, with increasing monster levels at each wave. The awakened version of the monster will start to appear stage 3. On the final stage, a boss version and two awakened versions will appear.  

Stages Monsters
Normal Awakened Boss
1 9 - -
2 9 - -
3 9 3 -
4 7 2 -
5 6 2 -
6 4 3 -
7 3 3 -
8 3 2 -
9 2 2 -
10 - 2 1

Drop infoEdit

Upon clearing each stage, the number of summoning pieces that can be obtained will slowly increase. In addition to a base reward, there is also a chance of obtaining an additional summoning piece.

If you quit the battle at any point (through the pause menu) you are awarded as for the last cleared stage. This can be used as strategy to instantly end the run and maximize your time.

The following table shows the rewards for each stage as well as the chance for obtaining a bonus summoning piece.

Stage cleared Summoning Piece Reward
Base reward Chances of getting an additional piece
1 0 33%
2 0 66%
3 1 -
4 1 33%
5 1 66%
6 2 -
7 2 50%
8 3 -
9 3 50%
10 4 -

Using summoning piecesEdit

The required number of summoning pieces depends on the natural grade of the monster.

  • For a 1-Star monster, 10 summoning pieces are required. (Only available during special events)
  • For a 2-Star monster, 20 summoning pieces are required.
  • For a 3-Star monster, 40 summoning pieces are required.
  • For a 4-Star monster, 50 summoning pieces are required. (Not available in secret dungeons, but in Hall of Heroes events)
  • For a 5-Star monster, 100 summoning pieces are required. (Only avaliable in guild shop)

Table of Discoverable Secret Dungeons by MonsterEdit

Monster Water Fire Wind Light Dark
Beast Hunter Yes
Bearman Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fairy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Garuda Yes Yes Yes
Golem Yes Yes
Griffon Yes Yes
Grim Reaper Yes
Harpu Yes Yes Yes Yes
Harpy Yes Yes
Hellhound Yes Yes Yes Yes
Howl Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Imp Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monster Water Fire Wind Light Dark
Inferno Yes Yes
Inugami Yes Yes
Lizardman Yes
Magical Archer Yes Yes Yes
Pixie Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Salamander Yes Yes Yes Yes
Serpent Yes Yes
Vagabond Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Viking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warbear Yes Yes Yes
Werewolf Yes Yes
Yeti Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monster Water Fire Wind Light Dark

Secret Dungeon EventsEdit

Aside from the regular ones, Secret Dungeons can also be opened during game events. These types of Secret Dungeons generally cannot be uncovered through normal means, and are only limited to the duration of the event. 

The following is a list of Secret Dungeon events from the year 2014:

The following is a list of Secret Dungeon events from the year 2015:

The following is a list of Secret Dungeon events from the year 2016:

The following is a list of Secret Dungeon events from the year 2017:

In other languagesEdit

English Secret Dungeon
Korean 비밀 던전
Japanese 秘密ダンジョンHimitsu Danjon
Traditional Chinese秘密地下城
Simplified Chinese 秘密地下城
French Donjon Secret
German Geheimer Dungeon
Russian Секретное подземелье
Portuguese Masmorra Secreta
Spanish Mazmorra Secreta
Indonesian Secret Dungeon
Malay Penjara Bawah Tanah Rahsia
Vietnamese Hầm Ngục Bí Mật
Thai กรุลับ

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