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Galleries Edit

  • Sky Dancer (Fire) Front
  • Sky Dancer (Fire) Back
  • Sky Dancer (Fire) Left
  • Sky Dancer (Fire) Right

Transmog Galleries Edit

  • Flamenco Hwahee Front
  • Flamenco Hwahee Back
  • Flamenco Hwahee Left
  • Flamenco Hwahee Right
  • Beach Girl Hwahee Front
  • Beach Girl Hwahee Back
  • Beach Girl Hwahee Left
  • Beach Girl Hwahee Right


  • Her name in hangul (Korean) is 화희 and it is romanized as Hwahui. Her hanja is possibly 火戱, meaning "Fire Drama".
  • Possibly assigned her Fire Typing because of her name including Fire (火).