Social points Social Points are a special form of currency that can only be obtained from various actions that all involve interacting with friends.

The following is a list of possible ways to gain Social Points:

  • Social Point Gift: Every 24 hours, you are allowed to send 10 Social Points to every friend. 
  • Using friend's monsters: By using your friend's monsters, your friend will receive 10 Social Points for helping you out. 
  • Inviting friends: You will be awarded 10 Social Points after inviting a Com2uS or Facebook friend to play the game. 
  • Raid Reward: A player may be rewarded with Social Points after a successful Raid.

The maximum number of social points that may be held at one time is 3,000.

Social SummonEdit

Social Summon

Social points can be used to perform a Social Summon. This will summon monsters between 1★ and 3★, including awakened 1★ and 2★ monsters. Similar to Unknown Scrolls, Light and Dark monsters cannot be summoned. A Social Summon costs 100 Social Points.  

The drop rates from Social Summons appear to be the same as Unknown Scrolls.