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  • discussion page Talk:Phoenix (Wind) - Teshar
    new comment by Beboper 7 hours ago
    Comment: Sure. Here it is. Using a Rage/broken set. You don't have to necessarily get your stats that high, but I use mine for speed dungeon runs, so I invest...
    Added photo:
  • discussion page Talk:Martial Cat (Dark) - Miho
    new comment by Beboper 7 hours ago
    Comment: A bruiser build might be viable, especially if you put Vampire/Revenge on her, so she can give herself some sustain. Her HP and defense are somewhat...
  • discussion page Talk:Ninja (Water) - Susano
    new comment by Beboper 7 hours ago
    Comment: He's got niche uses as a counter against fire bruisers, and as a DPS in all water teams, but I personally don't use him so he's food to me. If you...
  • discussion page Talk:Phantom Thief (Dark) - Guillaume
    new comment by A FANDOM user 9 hours ago
    Comment: will he be usefull in light rift ? and does second skill ignore the shield ? thanks.

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