Summoners War patch 1.2.3 was released on August 30, 2014. It updates Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 1.2.3.


New featuresEdit

  • The Arena matching system has been improved.
    • Players will no longer be matched-up with opponents with a level gap larger than 5 levels.
    • Matching Points will no longer be affected by successful Arena Defenses. A player's Matching Points will only be affected by the results of Arena matches if the player is on the offensive position.
    • Matching Points will now be displayed.

Skill rebalancingEdit

Attribute Monster Skills Changes
Water Dragon Knight Flow (Passive) HP recovery will now activate when your turn ends
Fire Magical Archer Hell Flame Arrow The skill will now attack 2 times, each having a 35% chance to activate the secondary effect.

Skill errors fixedEdit

Attribute Monster Skills Fixes
Dark Vampire Feast of Blood (Passive) The issue of the Attack Gauge being filled twice when the bats kill the enemy on the first strike has been resolved.
Fire Inugami Annihilate (Passive) The issue of not being granted an extra turn when successfully killing an enemy has been fixed.

Other fixesEdit

  • The unique name of the evolved version of the Fire attribute Chimera has been changed from Kuken to Rakan.
  • A new Area has been included in the World Map. This Area will not be activated until further updates.
  • Now you'll be able to check out how many Summoning Pieces you possess at the result windows of Secret Dungeon and Heroic Dungeon battles.
  • The issue of the simplified Shop not showing up when you are out of Energy while attempting to tap Replay at the Cairos Dungeon has been fixed.
  • A scroll bar has been added to the tooltip of the reward item UI for Scenarios and Dungeons.
  • An additional confirmation message has been included to show up when you purchase a Power-up Package.
  • Now the Daily Reward UI will display the remaining days left until reset.
  • A ""New"" mark will show up at the Invite Friend menu under Community for one time only after you log-in.
  • The issue of Continuous Damage and Recovery effects not activating properly when you acquire consecutive turns has been resolved.
  • The issue of the ""NULL"" message popping up when you try to collect the Review Reward for Google Play and Apple App Store has been fixed.
  • Monster nurturing buildings will now show the grade of the Monster.
  • The reward for joining HIVE has been increased from 10 Crystals to 30 Crystals!
  • The issue of Daily Missions not granting XP properly has been resolved.