Summoners War patch 1.2.4 was released on September 11, 2014. It updates Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 1.2.4.


New featuresEdit

  • The Trial of Ascension is now available!
    • You can enter the Trial of Ascension by completing the quest once you've reached Lv 15.
    • The Trial of Ascension is made up of 100 stages. Start at Stage 1 and work your way up.
    • It will cost Energy to enter the Trial of Ascension, and you may not receive help from your friends.
    • The Trial of Ascension will reset following a fixed period. (The reset period will be 1 month, but the first reset will take place on Oct 31st, a month and a half later. This initial period has been set, so you have plenty of time to get used to and challenge your limits at the Trial of Ascension!)
    • You may not replay the stages you've cleared, but you may start over from Stage 1 when the Trial of Ascension has been reset.
    • A Boss will await you at every 10th stage. Defeat the Boss and claim your reward.
Rewards when completing every 10 stages
Stage Reward
10 50 Energy
20 3-Star Rainbow Angelmon (MAX Lv)
30 1 Mystical Scroll
40 100 Crystals
50 2 Mystical Scrolls
60 4-Star Rainbow Angelmon (MAX Lv)
70 1 Devilmon
80 300 Crystals
90 1 Scroll of Light and Darkness
100 1 Legendary Summoning Scroll
  • Note: Using the Legendary Summoning Scroll, you may call upon 4-Star or higher Monsters with Fire, Water, or Wind attribute.
  • The Info/Ranking Button in the Trial of Ascension will be updated in the near future.
  • Nickname Change Tickets have been included in the game.
    • You can buy a Nickname Change Ticket at the cost of 300 Crystals by going to Shop -> Special.
    • Please note that the changed Nickname will not replace the original Nickname in the Arena Rankings right away. The Nickname will be replaced with the new nickname after the Arena Rankings have been refreshed. (The time left until the Rankings refresh is displayed on your screen.)
    • If you are a Guild Leader and have changed your Nickname, please note that it will take 1 day for your new Nickname to be displayed on the suggested Guild List.
  • You may now select Vice Guild Leaders.
    • The Guild Leader will now be able to nominate Vice Guild Leaders.
    • Vice Guild Leaders will be able to set up Guild Notices, accept new members, and kick out members as well.
  • Some items in the Shop have been renewed.
Item Details
Starter Pack Mystical Scroll 2
Crystals 100
XP Booster (12h) 1
Mana Stones 20,000
Intermediate Pack Mystical Scroll 3
Crystals 600
Mana Stones 30,000
Awakening Materials for Fairy (Water)

Skill rebalancingEdit

Attribute Monster Skill Change
Light Howl (Awakened) Heal! Heal! AI has been changed to Recovery type.
Water Dragon Knight Flow (Passive) The issue of not being able to recover when your turn ends, if under an immobilization effect, has been fixed.

Other fixesEdit

  • The issue of not being able to scroll through the World Map when selecting Faimon and Vrofagus has been resolved.
  • The issue of the World Map image not being displayed properly after finishing Secret Dungeon battles has been fixed.
  • The Replay button will no longer show up in Rainbow Angelmon and Devilmon Dungeons.
  • The issue of the Battle Menu buttons not working properly in certain devices has been fixed.
Normal Fixed Note
Increases Resistance by 25% Increases Accuracy by 25% In some cases, Accuracy was displayed as Resistance.
  • The MAX Level has been increased to Lv. 40.
  • The Arena matching system has been modified to expand the pool of matched users.