Summoners War patch 1.2.9 was released October 19, 2014. It updates Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 1.2.9.


New featuresEdit

  • Arena Modifications
    • The winning score will be used to match users in place of the matching score.
    • Glory Points have been deleted from the winning streak buff and the stat buff for winning streaks has also been modified.
    • A new grade, Beginner, has been added for the Arena and some grade requirements have been modified.
    • The Glory Point System will be changed so that users of higher grades will be able to earn more Glory Points.
    • Users will get 2 wings when they win against 10 users in the list if they win without refreshing the list.
    • Users will get 3 Glory Points additionally if they beat the Arena Rival NPC.
    • You can now refresh the list using Crystals after tapping on the Refresh Button even if you have no winning streaks.
    • You will now see the Arkane Tower Buff info in the Arena Defense Formation UI.
  • Skill Rule Modifications
    • Your shield will change to the new shield if another shield type skill is activated when you already have a shield effect.

Skill modifications Edit

Attribute Monster Skill Modifications
FireDragon KnightNoble Blood (Passive)* Fixed so that the skill will never miss.
WindImpHurricane Swing* Fixed so that the selected target will also be attacked on the 2nd attack on all enemies.
WaterValkyrjaFirst Aid (Passive)* Fixed so that there's no recovery when no damage is inflicted.
Water/DarkChimeraUnleashed Fury* Fixed so that getting another turn would be the priority effect.

Other fixesEdit

  • You'll get better grade Essences in larger quantities in the Hall of Magic. (The chances of getting Essences remain the same.)
  • The Facebook Log In Button will pop up when you tap on the Invite Button.
  • Monster thumbnail images will load faster.