Summoners War patch 1.3.4 was released on December 2, 2014. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 1.3.4.


New featuresEdit

  • 4 new monsters added!
    • Inclusion of Imp Champion, Brownie Magician, Kobold Bomber, and Hell Lady.

Skill balancingEdit

Attribute Monster Skill Changes
FireMartial CatDestructive PunchDamage increased by 7%
WaterGrim ReaperFrozen SoulDamage increased by 9%
WindGrim ReaperDeath PenaltyAdded an effect which removes the cooltime if the enemy dies
FireMystic WitchSpell of RemovalRecovers the HP by 1% for each removed harmful effect -> Increased to 2%
WindMystic WitchCurseDamage increased by 10%
CommonLichSoul SummoningDecreases the attack speed for 1 turn -> Increased to 2 turns
CommonSamuraiWieldDamage increased by 8%
Water/Wind/LightSamuraiAir SlashDamage increased by 6%
FireSamuraiFlame SlashDamage increased by 10%
CommonKung Fu GirlEnergy BallDamage increased by 8%
WaterKung Fu GirlWater Dragon MackDecreases the attack gauge by 25% -> Increased to 30%
FireKung Fu GirlFire Dragon MackDamage increased by 5%
WindKung Fu GirlWind Dragon AttackRemoves a beneficial effect with a 30% chance -> Increased to 40%
LightKung Fu GirlLight Dragon MackDamage increased by 5%
WaterRakshasaDelicate WhipDamage increased by 10%
WindSuccubusBlooming NightmareDamage increased by 15%
CommonLich[Stat Changes]Basic attack speed 92 -> Increased to 95
CommonSamurai[Stat Changes]Stats after Awakening modified for attacking

Skill error fixes and modificationsEdit

Attribute Monster Skill Fixes
FireVikingMarauder (Passive)Fixed the problem of the resistance effect missing when beneficial effects were removed.
LightHigh ElementalMystical Blood TransfusionFixed the problem of recovering twice when the target is yourself
LightRakshasaCruel Whip (Passive)Modified so that the damage is inflicted instantly when the bomb's turn becomes 0 with a passive effect. Fixed the problem of the resistance effect missing when extra turns were added to harmful effects.
CommonSuccubusDreamy InvitationFixed the problem of the attack gauge not increasing when put to sleep with counterattacks or cooperative attacks.
WaterHowlDispel! Heal!!Modified so that removal is activated first. Skill name changed.
DarkMonkey KingDark Monkey WandFixed the error with the weakening defense effect's rate

Giant's Keep & Dragon's Lair modificationsEdit

  • Giant's stats have been downgraded.
  • Dragon's stats have been downgraded.
  • The stats of the monsters in the way in Giant's Keep have been slightly upgraded.
  • The stats of the monsters in the way in Dragon's Lair have been slightly downgraded.
  • The middle Bosses of Giant's Keep and Dragon's Lair have been slightly upgraded.
  • The Giant will no longer counterattack with a critical hit. The Giant's rage will pile up as he's attacked and the Giant will counterattack when his rage fills up 7 times.
  • Rage will pile up with multiple hits and the Giant's counterattack will target one monster.
  • The Giant's counterattack damage has been decreased.
  • Mystic Scroll's drop rate has been decreased and Rune drop rate has been increased.
  • The crystal's location and stats have been modified. The HP of some of the more dangerous crystals has been decreased.
  • The invincible tower at the 10th floor of Dragon's Lair has been moved to the 8th floor.
  • The drop rate of Runes will be increased and modified so that all Runes will be dropped with similar chances.
  • Fixed so that Dragon won't counterattack with Disaster when the tower is destroyed with bombs or continuous damage in Dragon's Lair.

Other changesEdit

  • Now you can select which tower to attack first when battling against the Boss.
  • The Cairos Dungeon has been changed so that the last entered floor will show up when a Dungeon is selected.
  • The Rune Inventory has been expanded to 150 slots.
  • The Rune Inventory UI has been modified.
    • NEW will show up in the Rune Menu when you get a new Rune.
    • You can now view the total number of Runes in possession.
  • You can now sell your unwanted Runes right away when you get it as a reward when the battle is over.
  • The Draw Button will now show up faster than before.
  • Opponents you can't battle will be deleted from the matching list when they show up.
  • Fixed the problem of the counterattack and revenge skills being used on the Arena Towers.
  • Now you can view the monsters of up to 50 friends when you enter battles.
  • Fixed the problem of monsters that can't be Evolved Evolving.
  • The Friend Invite Reward has been changed.
    • Now you'll get 100 Energy for inviting 10 friends.
  • Now you can only invite up to 10 friends per day.
  • Users of Lv. 7 or below won't be able to use the chatting system. (Global)
  • Package items renewed and new items added
    • Mana Stones in the Energy Package increased. (50,000 -> 100,000)
    • New Mana Stone Package and Energy + Mana Stone Package added
    • Angelmon Package Renewed New King Angelmon Pack - Twice the EXP compared to the previous Angelmon Pack (7 Angelmons -> 5 King Angelmons)
    • The renewed packages will be available starting December.