Summoners War patch 1.7.0 was released on July 19, 2015. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 1.7.0.


New featuresEdit

  • New Europe Server will open.
  • New monster Magic Knight added.
EN 352
  • New missions to acquire Water Magic Knight added.
  • You’ll now get an Evolution Reward when you Evolve your monster to 6★.
    • 1st time reward, Reward List (Reward given one time only for each attribute)
Day Reward
Day 1100 Crystals
Day 23* Rainbowmon x1
Day 3Mystic Scroll x3
Day 44* Rainbowmon x1
Day 5Devilmon x1
    • For repeated 6★ Evolutions, Reward List
Day Reward
Day 1EXP Booster (12hr) x1
Day 250 Energy
Day 33* Rainbowmon x1
Day 450 Energy
Day 53* Rainbowmon x1
* Rewards need to be collected by 10 days after the 6★ Evolution.

Guild Battle will be integratedEdit

  • Registration
    • There will no longer be leagues, and now Guilds will be able to set up their Guild Defense with a roster of 10 to 25 Guild Members.
    • The Guild Offense can have the same number of Guild Members as the roster of the Guild Defense. The ones on the Guild Offense will be carrying out the Guild Battles.
    • The Guild Battle winning points will be reset to 1,000pts due to the integration of Guild Battles. The Winning Point compression will take place on every other Saturday.
  • Matching and Balancing
    • Now as there are no leagues, there may be a difference in the number of Guild Members on the Guild Offense and Guild Defense.
    • Normally, the matching system will find and pair Guilds with similar number of Guild Members participating. If there is a gap in the number of participating members, the victory condition will be adjusted.
    • Previously, the victory condition was to reach 70% destruction. Now, if the opponent's Guild has less members than your Guild, your Guild will be required to reach a victory condition that is higher than 70% destruction. If the opponent's Guild has more members than your Guild, then your Guild will need to reach less than 70% destruction.
      • ex) When a Guild with 10 members attacks a Guild with 12 members, they will have to reach 63.3% destruction to win the Guild Battle. Vice versa, if a Guild with 12 members attacks a Guild with 10 members, they will have to reach 76.1% destruction to win the battle.
1436861577197 406
The adjusted destruction requirement will be applied on the bar that's located on the upper side of the Guild Battle menu as shown above.
    • If a Guild is matched with an opposing Guild with much more members(minimum difference: 6 members), it will be too hard for the Guild on offense to win the battle. So the members on the Defensive side will be adjusted to lower the gap down to 5 members.
      • ex) When a Guild with 10 members attacks a Guild with 25 members, 10 members on the Defensive side will be excluded from the battle, lowering the roster to 15 members. Eventually, the Guild on the Defensive side will be attending the Guild Battle with 15 members for that session.
  • Weekly Reward Changes
    • The weekly reward will be adjusted to grant a higher per capita average income of Summoning Stones, when more Guild Members are participating.
  • Weekly Reward Tier Changes
    • The tiers for the weekly rewards will be changed to the following.
Legend 1
Guardian 1 10
Guardian 2 50
Guardian 3 10%
Conqueror 1 ~15%
Conqueror 2 ~20%
Conqueror 3 ~30%
Challenger 1 ~40%
Challenger 2 ~50%
Challenger 3 ~70%
Beginner 70%~
Changed to
Legend 1
Guardian 1 50
Guardian 2 100
Guardian 3 10%
Conqueror 1 ~15%
Conqueror 2 ~20%
Conqueror 3 ~30%
Challenger 1 ~40%
Challenger 2 ~50%
Challenger 3 ~70%
Beginner 70%~

  • Changes Regarding the Guild Battle Registration Schedule on July 18th
    • Due to the process of merging Guild Battle leagues, the Guild Battles will temporarily be unavailable starting from July 18th 8pm PDT to the v1.7.0 update.

UI ModificationsEdit

  • New tutorial added for battle speed.
  • You can now skip the effects when Awakening monsters.
  • The Notice and Café Button will be deleted from the Settings.
  • The drop info UI has been modified so you can check the type of runes available from the Giant’s Keep and Dragon’s Lair.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed the bug with some damage increase skills (Gouge, Light Slash, Dark Slash, Ancient Power, Vengeful Fire).
  • Fixed the error of the deactivating function not working on Unawakened monsters in Debates.
  • Fixed the error with the drop info of the original 1★ monsters that are dropped with 2★.
  • Fixed the error of the attribute status not being implemented in the UI when the Water Ifrit takes the advantage by using the Elemental King skill.

Skill errors fixedEdit

Monster Attribute Skill Previously Now
Pirate CaptainlightDisarmAttacks enemies and decreases the defense and attack power of the enemy for 2 turns with a 75% chance, and makes the enemy unable to receive beneficial effects.Attacks an enemy target and decreases its Attack Power and Defense while preventing the target from receiving beneficial effects for 2 turns with a 75% chance.

Other changesEdit

  • The Facebook Invite Reward is no longer available.
    • This is due to the changes of the Facebook Friend Invite Policy. The Friend Invite System will be modified in the near future.