Summoners War patch 1.7.4 was released on September 2, 2015. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 1.7.4.


New Dungeon: NecropolisEdit

  • A new dungeon has been included, and Dungeons will be displayed in the following order at the Cairos Dungeons.
    • (Hall of Heroes - Giant's Keep - Dragon's Lair - Necropolis - Secret Dungeon - Magic Dungeon - Daily Dungeon)
  • The new Destroy Rune requires some more balancing work and will be included in the game next week. Please note that some features may changes.
  • In addition, there will be some changes applied to the Rune drop adjustment plan in late September. These changes will be implemented to make the Rune drops fit the flow of gameplay.

Other new featuresEdit

  • You can now see your battle record at the Arena.
    • The record can be seen by tapping your Summoner ID located on the bottom of the main menu. You can see the current ranking, previous week's ranking, and the highest ranking you've achieved up until now.
  • You will now be able to make register for the Guild Battles in advance.
    • The Guild Leader or Vice Guild Leader will be able to make reservations for the Guild Battles before Sunday.
    • Select the Guild Battle roster and check the Guild Battle Reservation, and the roster will be enlisted for the next Guild Battles.
    • The roster may be changed on Sunday, and if so, the changed roster will be enlisted for the Guild Battles.
  • The AI has been enhanced to use the following skills at a more appropriate timing: Fate of Destruction/ Unleashed Fury/ Capture Opportunity
  • When summoning a Monster, only natural 4 Star Monsters or up will cause the lightning effect to occur. (If it is the case for Unknown or Social Summoning, 3 Star Monsters will continue to cause the lightning effect.)
  • A button that allows you to view the Rune description right away has been added.
    • You can see the button at the Rune menu within the Monster menu.
  • A package menu has been added to the Shop. New package items have been added to the Shop.
  • The Power-up package that pops-up when you summon a 4 Star or higher Monster has been renewed.
  • Friend invitation missions have been included, and the requirements for some missions have changed.
    • The max achievable Friend number for [Reliable Summoner Friend] has been changed to 10 Friends.
    • The requirements for [Journey Off Together] has been changed to 10 Friends (down from 15).
    • New mission: [Adventure Comrades]
  • New Necropolis related Achievements have been added to the game.


  • The issue of Minotaur(Dark)'s passive skill ""Exile"" not properly blocking beneficial effects has been fixed.