Summoners War patch 1.7.6 was released on September 30, 2015. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 1.7.6.


New featuresEdit

  • 4 new Monsters have been added to the game (Mummy, Anubis, Horus, Desert Queen).
  • The drop spots for Runes(Dungeon & Scenario) have been rearranged.
Area Previously Changes
Garen ForestEnergyEnergy
Mt. SizFatalFatal
Kabir RuinsBladeBlade
Mt. White RagonRageSwift
Telain ForestSwiftFocus
Hydeni RuinsFocusGuard
Tamor DesertGuardEndure
Vrofagus RuinsEndureShield
Faimon VolcanoViolentRevenge
Aiden ForestWillWill
Ferun CastleNemesisNemesis
Mt. RunarShieldVampire
Chiruka RemainsRevengeDestroy
Giant's KeepEnergy, Fatal, Blade, Rage, Swift, Focus, DespairEnergy, Fatal, Blade, Swift, Despair
Dragon's LairGuard, Endure, Violent, Will, Nemesis, Shield, Revenge, VampireFocus, Guard, Endure, Shield, Revenge, Violent
NecropolisVampire, Nemesis, Shield, Destroy, RageWill, Nemesis, Vampire, Destroy, Rage
  • Some of the selling prices of the Runes have been readjusted accordingly to the change of drop spots.
Rune Price changes
Vampire 15-25% decrease
Violent 9-17% increase
Rage 60-180% decrease
  • The Runes have been distributed across the Giant's Keep, Dragons Lair, and the Necropolis. Now you will be easier to get the Rune you want.
    • However, Vampire and Despair Runes, the two Runes that have had exceptionally high drop rates, have had its drop rate decreased.
    • The actual drop rate of the Runes remain the same.
  • You will now get rewards for Evolving a Monster to 5 Stars for the first time. (1st time only, regardless of the Attribute)
    • The following is the list of rewards you will get when you Evolve your first 5 Star Monster.
Day Reward
Day 1 70 crystals
Day 2 1x EXP Booster (12H)
Day 3 2x 3-star Rainbowmon (Max lv.)
Day 4 1x Mystical Scroll
Day 5 1x 4-star Rainbowmon (Max lv.)
  • An icon to indicate the Evolution reward has been added to the Power-up Circle. (Upper left side of the Power-up Circle menu)
  • A safety measure regarding dismissing Monsters has been added to the game. Now you will have to enter randomly generated numbers when you dismiss a 4 Star or higher Monster.
  • The Mana Stone Pack has been added to the Package Menu at the Shop.
  • A Monster Review pop-up will appear when you level up a Monster to Lv. 40.
    • Your reviews can be great help to other Summoners!

Skill Error Fixes Edit

  • Occult Girl (Water/Dark) - [Girl's Prayer]
    • HP recovery will now be applied properly.
  • Neostone Fighter(Light) - [Born to Fight(Passive)]
    • The issue regarding the shield not activating under certain situations has been resolved.

Bug Fixes Edit

  • At the Necropolis, the issue of some passive skill icons being displayed twice when the Ancient Lich King uses Dark Barrier has been fixed.
  • The issue of Monsters that are under Shield effects skipping turns after taking damage from Continuous Damage or Bomb effects has been fixed.