Summoners War patch 2.0.7 was released on March 17, 2016. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 2.0.7.


New featuresEdit

  • New Ellia content has been added to the game.
    • Ellia is here to help your life as a Summoner! She will be your personal assistant and help you manage your event or daily schedules!
    • Ellia will permanently increase your Energy by 1. She can sometimes be chatty.
    • The wardrobe that contains costumes for Ellia will be updated with various costumes.
      • [Please check the Developer's Note in the game for more details.]​
  • The capacity of the Monster Storage has been increased from 350 to 400 slots.
  • A new feature that allows you to save up to 5 decks for the Arena, Guild Battle, and Raid Battle has been added to the game. You can set and save up to 5 decks for each type of battle. Don’t forget to save when you make changes to the decks!
  • The Light & Dark Summoning Piece Package and Awakening Force Package have been added to the Package menu at the Shop.
  • [Android] You can now record your game play with an in-game feature.
    • Using the feature provided by Android, you may now record your game play and upload it to certain web sites.

UI ImprovementsEdit

  • UI Improvement: Friend’s Monster
    • You can now check the Runes of your Friend’s Monster.
    • The Friend’s Monsters that you’ve used will be shadowed instead of disappearing from the list.
  • UI Improvement: Monster Collection
    • All Monsters will have a set of buttons that allows you to surf through the different attribute versions of the Monster.
    • If the Monster can be Awakened, there will be a thumbnail of the Awakened version of the Monster. Tapping this thumbnail will direct you to the Monster Collection page of the Awakened Monster.
      • Please note that this feature has been modified to resolve the issues that occurred with v2.0.6.
  • UI Improvement: general improvements
    • Now Monsters stored in the Monster Storage will be able to participate in the World Boss Battle.
    • Your opponent’s Monsters will be shown in the following order at the Arena menu.
      • (Top(Leader)> Left(2nd)> Right(3rd)> Bottom(4th))
    • You may now sell Monster Summoning Pieces.
    • You will now be alerted with a message that indicates your Daily Package effect will expire in 48 hours.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Fixed an issue of the remaining time of Secret Dungeons and Attribute Dungeons being displayed incorrectly under certain situations.

Skill error fixesEdit

  • Harg (Light)’s “Buddy(Passive)”
    • Fixed an issue of the skill effect of increasing the Attack Speed not being affected by other skills and effects.
    • The skill will not apply to allies that have the same skill, also including the caster of the skill.
  • Harg(Wind)’s “Deer’s Song”
    • The skill has been modified. When casted under Defense reduction effects, the skill will now remove the harmful effect first and then cast a shield. The damage absorption will be based on the fully recovered Defense.
    • Fixed an error that displayed the duration of the skill’s shield effect as 2 turns, instead of 3.
  • Fairy King(Water)’s “Rageful Return (Passive)”
    • Fixed an issue of the Despair Rune Effect (25% stun chance) not applying to the skill.
  • Fairy King(Dark)’s “Discernment (Passive)”
    • The skill has been modified to add an additional turn to the enemy’s skill when an ally uses a skill that puts the enemy’s skills to max cooldown.

Skill balancingEdit

  • Taoist(Dark)’s “Secret Visit” has been modified.
    • The skill now has an additional effect of recovering 15% HP.
      • [Previously] Stuns the enemy with the highest attack bar for 1 turn and removes the harmful effect on yourself. Also this will increase your Attack Speed for 2 turns, during which you recover 15% of your HP each turn.
      • [Changed to] Stuns the enemy with the highest Attack Bar for 1 turn, removes the weakening effects on you, and recovers 15% HP. Also your Attack Speed will be increased and you will recover 15% HP per turn for 2 turns.

Skill description changesEdit

Monster Attribute Skill Previously Now
Pioneer Light Heavenly Protection Creates a shield for all allies that last for 3 turns. The ally revives with 30% HP if the ally dies when this skill is active. Casts Soul Protection upon all allies for 3 turns. The ally revives automatically with 30% HP if the ally dies when this skill is active.
Magical Archer Light Skill name Critial Arrow Critical Arrow