Summoners War patch 2.1.7 was released on June 29, 2016. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 2.1.7.


  • Real-time Arena Test Service
    • The [Real-time Arena Match] Test Service will be available prior to the official release, so make sure to check it out during the following test service period! - Test Service Schedule: Jun. 28th Maintenance - Jul. 12th 8am PDT.
  • UI Improvements
    • If you acquire Essences as a battle reward, the acquired Essences will be displayed in a pop-up along with the number of Essences currently in possession. (Magic/Attribute Dungeon, World Boss) - The names of the menus in the Summonhenge will now be shown in 2 lines for some languages.
  • Skill Error Fixes
    • The issue of the Life Drain amount not being affected by the [passive skills that increase/decrease the recovery amount] has been resolved. (Ex: Werewolf (Fire) - [Wild Recovery (Passive)]/ Assassin (Fire) - [Deadly Seduction (Passive)], and etc.)
    • The issue of the additional passive skills that are supposed to be activated when the enemy or an ally dies, not being activated for self-revivals, has been resolved. (Ex: Dragon Knight (Light) - [King's Rage (Passive)]/ Lich (Dark) - [King of the Dead (Passive)], and etc.)
    • The issue of the additional effect not being activated properly in case where the player kills the enemy with the skill that triggers an additional effect under certain conditions has been resolved. (Ex: Occult Girl (All) - [Help Me, Teddy}/ Succubus (All) - [Dreamy Invitation]/ Neostone Agent (Water/Fire/Dark) - [Cutting Magic], and etc.)
    • The issue of the following additional skill attack being activated even when some monsters are killed by Inferno (Dark)'s [Last Curse] has been resolved. (Ex: Assassin (Wind) - [Shadow Assault]/ Assassin (Light) - [Silent Reaper], and etc.)
    • The issue of Lich (Light)'s [Endless Attachment (Passive)] inappropriately triggering the invincible effect even when the skill can defeat the target has been resolved.
    • The issue of Werewolf (Dark)'s [Contaminated Blood (Passive)] not being activated under certain situations has been resolved.
  • Bug Fixes
    • The issue of the Inbox not opening automatically after the World Boss Reward Pop-up has been shown has been resolved.
  • New [iOS] 3D Touch(Peek&Pop) Feature
    • Please note that this feature is only supported on iOS devices that support the 3D Touch Feature, such as iPhone 6S and 6S+, and the 3D Touch Feature must be turned [on] in the device settings.
    • How to change the settings: Go to [Settings] - [General] - [Accessibility] - [3D Touch]
    • If you tap a building on the Island using the 3D Touch Feature, you'll be moved to the first menu of the building. You can directly sell trees and rocks, and you can also move Monsters on the Island just by tapping on them.
    • Use the 3D Touch Feature to tap on the Monster's Thumbnail in the [Monster] Menu to go to the Monster Review.