Summoners War patch 2.2.3 was released on August 11, 2016. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 2.2.3.


2nd Live Arena Test ServiceEdit

  • The 2nd Live Arena Test Service has started and the test service will be available until the next Live Arena Modification. Please see below for more info on the modifications made with the 2nd Live Arena Test Service.
    • New [Live Arena] Battle has been added to the [Arena] Menu. You can go to the [Live Arena] Menu by tapping on the icon.
  • New [Live Arena] Points have been added.
    • The Point System will be the same as the [Arena] Point System, but the Live Arena Points will not fall below 800 Points.
  • New [Live Arena] Grade has been added.
    • The new [Live Arena] Grade System will be the same as the [Arena] Grade System.
  • The [Live Arena] Points and Grade will not be tallied up or reset. However, the Points and Grade may reset with the Live Arena System Modification in the future.
    • There will be no additional rewards available during the 2nd [Live Arena] Test Service.
  • Rule Modifications
    • Players won't be able to check each other's Leader Skills in the Battle Preparation Menu until the opponent selects the Leader Skill.
    • The timing and MAX value of the additional effects (Attack Power Increase/ HP Decrease) activated during the battle have been modified as follows.
    • Modified the timing of the stat change after 30 turns
      • Before: 30 turns - 10 turns - 10 turns …
      • After: 30 turns - 15 turns - 15 turns …
    • Modified the MAX value of the increase in Attack Power/ decrease in HP
      • Before: 90% MAX
      • After: 70% MAX
    • Players will be able to enter the Live Arena up to 30 times a day.
      • The battle count will be deducted by 1 for both players when using the [Quick Match] Feature, and the battle count will be deducted by 1 only for the player who requested the battle when using the [Friend Match] Feature.

New Private Chat FeatureEdit

  • New Private Chat Tab has been added to the Chat Menu. You'll now be able to enjoy 1:1 chat with your friends and Guild members.
  • Tap on the [Friend ID] Area at the bottom of the Private Chat to search for a friend to chat with.
  • A notification alert will show up at the top of the Private Chat Tab when you receive a Private Chat.

UI ImprovementsEdit

  • The visual effect for when you receive the request to enter the [Raid] or when you send a request to enter the [Live Arena] has been improved.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed the issue with Water Ifrit's Elemental King (Passive) not activating the death immunity effect properly when inflicted with critical damage by the skills that removes the harmful effect.
  • Fixed the issue with the Arena Battle Results Info not being shown correctly in certain situations.

AI ImprovementsEdit

Monster Attribute Skill
Archangel Fire Sanctuary
Bearman Wind/Dark Cry of Battlefield
Bounty Hunter Dark Ready to Charge
Penguin Knight Wind Wings of Wind
Penguin Knight Light Ready to Attack
Battle Mammoth Wind Echo of Earth
Sea Emperor Light Sanctuary
Undine Wind Spirit's Blessing
  • The chances of the skill being activated will increase according to the number of weakening effects granted on the ally.
  • If there are no allies granted with the weakening effects, the chances of the skill being activated will be the same as other skills that grant beneficial effects (Ex: Wind Griffon's [Tailwind], Fire Epikion Priest's [Fanatic], and etc).