Summoners War patch 3.0.2 was released on September 7, 2016. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 3.0.2.


New featuresEdit

  • New [Rift Dungeons]
    • 5 New Rift Dungeons with different attributes are now available! Defeat the Rift Beasts with various strategies!
    • The Rift Dungeon will become available when you clear the 1st Stage of the Raid.
    • The requirement for clearing the Rift Dungeon has been modified and you'll now have to put the Rift Beast under the Groggy State 3 times to clear the dungeon.
    • Tap on the [ Icon on the left the Village -> ] for more info.
  • New [Craft Building]
    • New Craft System has been added and you'll be able to Craft various items with the new Craft Materials.
    • Please see below for more info on the Craft Building.
Runes You can Craft 16 existing Runes as well as the 5 new Runes. Additionally, the new Runes can only be acquired via Crafting.
Homunculus You can summon Homunculus and Evolve its skills.
Buildings You can Craft various Buildings where you can place the Monster, a Crystal Dragon that flies around the Sky Island producing Crystals, and Statues that display the Hologram of the Monster.
Decorations You can Craft new Decoration Items. (The graphics of some Decoration Items that were sold at the Shop have been changed, and they can now be purchased at the Craft Building at a slightly higher cost.)
Special Items You can Craft various items including the Ellia's Costume and the Magic Box.
  • 5 New Runes
Rune Description
Fight Rune Increases the Attack Power of all allies by 7%.
Determination Rune Increases the Defense of all allies by 7%.
Enhance Rune Increases the HP of all allies by 7%.
Accuracy Rune Increases the Accuracy of all allies by 10%.
Tolerance Rune Increases the Resistance of all allies by 10%.
  • New Monster [Homunculus]
    • Homunculus is a default 5★ Monster and you can select its attribute and Evolve its skill in various ways.
    • Homunculus can be summoned at the Craft Building and the materials required to summon Homunculus will be available from the Rift Dungeon.
    • Tap on the [ Icon on the left the Village -> ] for more info.​
  • New Craft Materials
    • Various Craft Materials have been added and the materials will be dropped in the Hell Mode of the Scenario and the Cairos Dungeon (5F+).
    • The drop rate of the Unknown Scroll in the Hell Mode of the Scenario will be reduced.
    • The drop rate of the Unknown Scroll will be greatly reduced and the drop rate of the Runes (4★ or below) will be slightly reduced in the Cairos Dungeon (5F+).
    • Please go to the [Drop Info] Menu to view the available items.
  • New Enchanted Gems and Grindstones for the new Runes will now be available as a reward from the Rift Raid.
    • The drop rate of the Mana Stones will be reduced, and the new Enchanted Gems and Grindstones will be available from the Rift Raid with a fixed chance.
  • New MAX Level (Lv. 50)
    • The MAX User Level has been increased to Lv. 50, and the required EXP to reach Lv. 40 has been greatly reduced.
    • Due to this modification, you may find your previous EXP to have been suddenly increased after the update.
      • ex) Previously: 30% EXP at Lv. 25 ->
      • After the update: 99% EXP at Lv. 25
  • Sky Island Expansion
    • You'll now be able to possess 3 more Sky Islands (MAX 7 Sky Islands).
  • New Quests and Achievements
    • New achievements related to the User Level and the Rift Dungeon have been added.
    • New Quests related to 5 new Runes have been added.
  • Live Arena Improvements
    • The Arena Point for the [Beginner] Grade will now be displayed as 800 (Previously displayed as 0).
    • The Arena Ranking will now be applied instantly after the battle.
    • A new notice pop-up will be added to let you know if you've won or lost when the battle has been given up while picking or banning the Monster.
  • New Growth Packs (I & II)
    • You'll be able to collect rewards when you reach the designated level with the new Growth Packs. The Packs are available for purchase according to the user level.
      • Growth Pack I (User Lv. 1-40)/ Growth Pack II (User Lv. 40-50)
    • The packs are available for purchase at the Shop.

UI ImprovementsEdit

  • Your battle clear time for the [Raid] will now be displayed in the game.
  • The Monster List will now be displayed in 2 lines in the Guild Battle Preparation Page.

Bug FixesEdit

  • The issue of the Crystal Rock Effect (Increases the Attack Power of the Arcane Tower) and the Arcane Booster Tower Effect (Increases the Attack Speed of the Arcane Tower) not being applied to the Arcane Tower correctly has been resolved.
  • Horus (Dark)'s Tip of the Spear Skill (Passive)
    • The issue of the passive skill activating while under the Oblivion Effect has been resolved.
    • The issue of the passive skill not activating on the turn that the Oblivion Effect is removed has been resolved.
  • The issue of the Monster being defeated when you use a skill that consumes HP while the Monster is under multiple Continuous Damage Effects has been resolved.
    • Ex) Warbear (Light)'s Risky Dash/Griffon (Fire/Light)'s Special Assault/Beast Hunter (Dark)'s Desperate Arrow, and etc.
  • The issue of the counterattack effect activating after the Monster is revived under certain circumstances has been resolved.
  • The issue of the Fire Anubis skipping a turn under certain circumstances has been resolved.