Summoners War patch 3.2.2 was released on January 25, 2017. It updated Summoners War: Sky Arena to version 3.2.2.


  • Daily Check-in Reward Modification (The modification will be applied starting Feb. 1st.)
    • Day 12 reward (1 Mystical Scroll) has been changed to 50 Summoning Stones.
    • 30 Energy will be given every day until the check-in rewards are changed to those of the following month after completing Day 24 check-in.
  • New [Additional Placement] Feature
    • New [Additional Placement] feature where you can place one more deck of your own to the empty space of the [Rift Raid] Party has been added.
    • The player who created a raid party or who has been selected as a party leader will be able to place his or her deck additionally to the empty space by tapping the [Additional Placement] Button in the battle preparation page.
    • No bonus reward will be given with the Additional Placement, and no changes will be made to the amount of Energy consumed upon participating in the Raid.
    • You can't use 2+ of the same Monster including the Additional Placement when placing Monsters for the Raid Battle.
  • Rune Package Improvements
    • (Previously) 1x 6★ Legendary Rune guaranteed upon first purchase.
    • (Changed to) 1x 6★ Legendary Rune guaranteed for every purchase.
  • Display and Effects Modification
    • The skill damage effects of some Monsters will now be displayed at a more accurate location in the game.
    • The skill effect and damage effects of some Monsters will now be displayed in sync in the [Live Arena].