Summonhenge Icon

"A hexagram where monsters are summoned. Each stone laid on the ground was naturally shaped by water flowing from Mana Lake under the Epykon. As a result, the hexagram boasts stable and high Mana conductivity."
Type Main Building
Level Unlocked Starter Building
Cost Free

Summonhenge is a building that allows monsters to be summoned through a variety of means, such as through scrolls and monster pieces. Players start with this building, and it cannot be sold.

Types of summonsEdit

Monsters can be summoned through a variety of scrolls, including:

Monsters can also be summoned through Mystical Summon using Crystals, and social summon through friendship points. Mystical summoning summons a monster between 3-5 stars, while social summoning summons a monster between 1-3 stars.

Additionally, players can collect pieces of a monster through either a Secret Dungeon or the Hall of Heroes. The amount of pieces needed to summon a full monster depends on the grade of the monster.

Summoning costEdit

Type Cost Type Cost
Unknown Scroll Mana Stone 300 Fire Scroll Mana Stone 10,000
Mystical Scroll Mana Stone 10,000 Water Scroll Mana Stone 10,000
Mystical Summon Crystal 75 Wind Scroll Mana Stone 10,000
Social Summon Social Points 100 Summon Pieces Mana Stone 1,000
Scroll of Light & Darkness Mana Stone 10,000 Summoning Stones Mana Stone 10,000
Legendary Scroll Mana Stone 50,000

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