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{{Infobox monster |Element = Water |Name = Taoist |Stars = 4G |Type = Attack

|Awakened bonus = Increases Accuracy by 25% |Awakens into = Gildong |Obtained by = Mystical Scroll, Mystical Summon, Temple of Wishes, Water Scroll, Legendary Scroll

|Fire link = Taoist (Fire) |Water link = Taoist (Water) |Wind link = Taoist (Wind) |Light link = Taoist (Light) |Dark link = Taoist (Dark) |Leader skill stat = Attack Power |Leader skill attribute = |Leader skill value = 22 |Awakening cost = Essence of Water (Mid)x20


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  • His name is possibly a reference to the fictional Hong Gil-dong (홍길동) of the story the Tale of Hong Gildong (홍길동전).
  • Set in the Joseon Dynasty, Hong Gil-dong was a bandit leader, similar to the English Robin Hood, and eventually becomes a demon-slayer, king, and hero.