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Temple of Wishes

Temple of Wishes

"Ameria, the Goddess of Serenity, responds to all seekers with warmth. However, there's a rumour that prayers filled with worldly desires are not delivered to her."
Type Main Building
Level Unlocked 7
Cost Mana Stone 3000

Temple of Wishes is a building that allows players to make a wish every day. By making a wish, players will be given a random reward. Although the outcomes appear in the form of "spin the wheel", the outcomes are not equally likely. Players can make one wish every day, although additional wishes can also be made by spending 20 Crystals.

Wishes do not accumulate. Unless there are wish events, players can only have 1 wish saved at any given time.

Possible ResultsEdit

Prêmio Possible outcomes
Rainbowmon 2★
King Angelmon (random element) 1 (Fire/Water/Wind/Light/Dark)
Mystical Scroll 1
Mana Stones Mana Stone 10,000



Crystals Crystal 10





Energy Energy 15
Arena Invitation Arena Invitation 5
Monsters 3 to 5-Star
Runes 5 to 6-Star

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