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Phantom Thief (Wind)Edit

Julien Icon Test

The Wind Phantom Thief (Julien) is mainly an attacker, with outstandingly high attack and damage potential. Like most attack based monsters however, the Wind Phantom Thief does not have a lot of health (even less so than most attackers), and so can be an easy target for other attack monsters. Like the rest of its family, the Phantom Thief possesses stun based skills, although unlike other Phantom Thieves, it has an area-of-effect stun skill, which means that it has stun potential on each of its skills, making it an adept utility monster as well.

Because of its high damage potential, and the high frequency of its stuns (especially when awakened), the Wind Phantom Thief excels in both Arena competition, on offense and defense, as well as in general PvE areas, with its area-of-effect skill allowing it to wipe out large groups of monsters very quickly.

Skills Edit

Scene of the Crime

Scene of the Crime (Wind)

This is his basic attack. The main thing to know about this skill, is that it has an inherent stun rate of 20% (50% when maxed out), which makes it very useful for keeping certain monsters shut down.

Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit (Wind)

This is Julien's main nuking skill. It does a lot of damage, has a 30% increase to critical rate, and if it lands a critical hit, it has a 100% chance to stun. This skill is very useful for focus firing on single targets, while also keeping certain monsters shut down. As well, with a cooldown of three turns, one can easily fire off this skill at a fairly high rate, making it deadly against both squishy foes as well as meaty tanks.



This is Julien's area-of-effect attack. It has a very high damage potential, and has an inherent 10% chance to stun (30% when maxed out). When taken with the fact that it hits three times in one turn, that means that it effectively has a 90% chance to stun at least one enemy on the field, and in many cases can stun an entire team. This makes it both an effective utility skill for shutting down pesky monsters, as well as an effective area-of-effect nuking skill which can clear out groups quickly and efficiently.

Leader Skill

Leader Skill HP Arena

This passive gives all party monsters a 33% boost to health when battling in the Arena. This makes it viable to have Julien as the leader on defensive teams, and can be used to offset Julien's inherently low health, as well as providing a boost to meatier monsters. This skill can also be used on offense as well if survivability is an issue.

Breakdown Edit

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Very high damage potential
  • All skills have a reasonable chance to stun
  • Higher than average defense
  • Good for both PvE and PvP (offense and defense)
  • Not very high health
  • Average speed

Rune recommendations Edit

Which Runes you use will depend on the role you want to fulfill, as it can be used both as an attacker and a utility monster. Focusing on attack will allow you to take advantage of its immensely high damage potential, while focusing on utility will turn it into a more deadly shut down monster using its stuns.


  • Generic Fatal/Blade - This build focuses on pure damage, and is good if you simply want to make things disappear.
  • Generic Rage/Blade - This build is based on spurt damage, allowing you to deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.
  • Despair/Focus - This build is more of a utility build, focusing on shutting down monsters with stun.