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Trial of Ascension - tips or tricks

  • Hi guys, got a question - What team is a good TOA farming team, I have tried a number of set-ups but seem to get stuck at stage 10, (so awful makes me feel bad!) even though I have a team of 4* monsters! with an awakened ramagos, I feel like I a missing something or just not playing well. Any advice would be great.

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    • I honestly don't think there is a "one team wins all" team, but I got to level 20 with water 9tails, roaq (fire inugami) ramagos (wind warbear) and two other mons I swapped out with whatever I had (usually belladeon( light inugami) and ahman (light war bear)

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    • Well, considering the term "farming" I assume that you mean running on auto. As you probably have noticed, the IA running the team in auto mode is not very bright so to be successful you need a team that is slightly stronger than running on manual.

      I suggest that you collect a team including different elements, running single element team will be disastrous when fighting good numbers of its antagonist. That leaves you with a very narrow list of good leaders, because only elemental and all-terrain leaders actually work on ToA. You will need a good damage dealer, preferently one that can ignore defense, which will cover the cases when he's in elemental disadvantage. Then a couple of good supports and at least one helader, preferably two. It's quite important to get to stage 3 will all your monsters so crow control is important too.

      Just as an example my current team is:

      Baretta (Speed leader, Despair+Focus HP%/ATK%/ACC), Acasis (Swift+Blade SPD/HP%/HP%), Arnold (3xEnergy HP%/HP%/ACC), Konamiya (3xEnergy HP%/HP%/RES), Bernard (Swift+Focus SPD/HP%/ACC)

      Both Acasis and Arnold are 6* and the rest are 5* and all but Konamiya have good (though not godly) runes. With this I can auto till lv50 although I have not tried to go further, to be honest. I feel like I'm lacking healing so I'm considering changing Bernard for Belladeon and/or Arnold for Hwahee or Tesarion (which I have just finished building).

      In any case, running in auto you will find a point where your team will not be powerful enough and their synergies will not work properly to match the stage at hand. If you want to go further, you will probably have to change your team and start running on manual.

      By the way, Ramagos is a great monster but was not made for ToA, specially in auto. It will do until you get something better but lose him eventually.

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    • Yeah, I need to swap something out, most likely a buffer or debuffer or something. I might put my Fedora (*tips*), Megan or try to build a Shannon. I don't know, I'll make a separate post with my current monsters when I have the time.

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    • Gah, that was me, sorry, apparently it keeps kicking me out if I open new pages.

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    • Except on fire giants, Shannon always performs better than Megan, the challenge is keeping she alive because she is quite squishy. Agaist a fire giant her survivability is ridiculous so you better use Megan. Fedora might help with that, but death knights tend to be too tanky and speed teams work beter against Giants, which are quite slow. I had to swap out my Arnold after B5. It might sound ridiculous but I swaped him with Bernard and that worked wonders.

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    • That's actually a good idea...I'm awakening a Shannon today, an I'm going to work on Bernard as well, since I finished awakening me an Acasis. I do have a question though, how good would Izaria be in ToA. I just got her today an I'm liking her unrecoverable and sleep debuffs.

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    • Izaria is good, but her leader skill won't work in TOA.  So keep that in mind.  One problem is ramagos will target Izaria and she is squishy.  If you have a Rina, she can usually take a beating from a ramagos.  If you can't slow ramagos, try to stun, sleep, or speed up your team to get past him.  Stacking the damage over time (DOTs) effects is dangerous, as it may cause him to clean shot if you don't kill him with the DOTs.  

      Mon combo's in TOA can be tricky at times.  And it will take time to find combos that work for you.  As Marauder said, there is no 1 size fits all in TOA.  Maybe the tops of the tops have a 1 size fits all, but most players don't.

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    • Yeah, I wish her Leader skill worked there. I still haven't put up a post with my monsters, but I'll try to later tonight.

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    • Thanks for the info guys, gives me a little more idea of what to do. I think I need to sit down and figure out a play by play to start moving up the tower as I am still stuck at Floor 1 room 10 haha! Gutted! Those dam vampires I can't nuke down and stop them in order to have more than just one monster V the boss! the quest continues!

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    • A Fandom user
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