• As much as i would love to pretend i understand this game as i progress forward the game seems to not actually start until lvl 50 lol which is amazing! 

    so my current team build i have now besides working on ifirit (almost done) i have

    Soha,dagora,kaito,wind sylphid and Mei hou wang as my current fight group for PVE dungeons stuff like that. What should i keep and what should i change? 

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    • Well, we don't know what monsters you have in a general way :/

      I think you have to change Dagora. He is very safe but he is not helping your teammates directly nor dealing enough dmg. He is just almost unkillable. Especially knowing you have Acasis (Wind Sylph) which makes your team tanky enough to don't need something like Dagora. Even a 2nd healer like Belladeon or Ahman would bring more to the team, more survivability and Belladeon would at least be a Defense breaker, which is important to have (and he also boosts ATB of 30% with his 3rd skill).

      I would bring another damage dealer because of this Acasis, but if you still want a tank to decrease enemy's ATB like base attack of Dagora, I suggest you to get Shailoq, the Water Serpent. He is tanky and still Water type, but he decreases ATB of 30% to all enemies with his 3rd skill, he decreases one enemy's ATB again with his 2nd skill and he removes beneficial effect on his basic attack.

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    • I would say the game starts at level 1. :)  The great thing which keeps me addicted, is that even after level 50, I still feel like I'm always making progress.

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