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Been out for a while. What's new in the game?

  • Hi Guys,

    I'm back to the game after a lengthy parenthesis so I wanted to say hello-missed-you-a-lot to the old regulars and nice-to-meet-you to the new ones.

    Could you please do me a favor? I've been out since August last year so could you please summarize for me what's new on the game?

    For example, I've noticed that many people are now lv50 (cap used to be 40 back in my day). I decided to reset my account so (although I'm catchig up quickly) there's a lot out there it's not yet available for me so I can't check for myself.

    Thanks in advance.

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    • Welcome back Marauder, hope you were okay and had fun doing what you were doing xD

      • They mixed up RTA, so it's now cross server. You have to do 10 placement battles first before participating in the ranking matches. It's hard, they'll randomly match you up with people way out of your league often lol The RTA shop is devoid of great prizes except for the monster auras (or whatever you call them), but even those are pure aesthetic.
      • Crafting system was added. You can craft runes, SDs etc. and some useless aesthetics.
      • There are two new 5* monsters - Unicorn family (who look more like Pegasus) and Homunculus which you can craft (requires extreme farming, you can read the details on his page).
      • There are two other new monster family - Dice Magicians and Harp Magicians.
      • There's a new private chat feature.
      • Lots of monster balancing.
      • Yep they raised the level cap to 50.
      • They added a new character in a recent update, who gives you a bunch of missions. Some of them are nuisance but some of the end reward is worth it.
      • There's a new mechanic with allows you to appraise your rune.
      • There's an anniversary event going on right now. You should do it, the reward is a Legendary scroll. It requires you to collect coins and exchange them for rewards. There are other prizes as well like crystals, rune appraisal stones, and rune crafting.
      • Bunch of new transmogs.
      • They fixed item drops in areas (it's not much of a fix though).
      • New Mentor/Mentee system where <50 players can add a mentor to help them in runs.
      • 5 new rift of the 5 elements has been added. They are purely for Homunculus farming purposes though.
      • 5 new types of runes added. They are team-based runes as they raise teams tats.
      • Sky island has been expanded, and there are 3 new islands.

      Hmm I think that's about it. I can't recall others right now.

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    • Thanks Finch, that's awesome.

      Actually I started about a wek ago and got into the event like crazy, I got the legendary a couple of days ago and summoned Chilling (yoooohoooo). I also got the crystals and bought my first premium pack.

      I guess there are not significant changes in Guild Wars as you didn't even mention it.

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    • NP.

      LOL GZ. I got a Mikene (YAY me).

      No, they didn't touch the guild mechanics from what I can recall. Only Arena and Rifts.

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    • nice to see you again marauder! and wow finch u pretty much covered everything.

      you can also craft 30 legendary pieces a week by sacrificing 2 nat 4*s, and craft 3 reappraisals a week.

      were you here for the laika and rakan buff?

      i could also add that since RTA, hitting conq is super easy on global, idk about europe. and didnt you have a dark MK!? did he die on reset? D:

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    • Hi Xepso, nice to see you.

      30 legendary pieces for 2 nat 4*? Doesn't sound like a great deal :(

      Regarding rune reappraisal, what is it exactly?

      Not sure about the buff, but I dind't have any of those mons anyway. In any case I lost all my mons in the reset :(  The one I miss more is Fei, it's really unlikely I get her again.

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    • Hey, Marauder. Good to have you back!

      Rune Reappraisal basically reshuffles all the substats you have in a rune, including its rolls. So if you have a 6* full of flats with rolls, you can reappraise that and maybe get more useful subs.

      Since you restarted, it's good that they gave out a whole lot of new missions to work on, and you'll be provided with Awakened core starting mons and lots of Rainbowmon! You'll be able to catch up in no time! Sucks about Fei, but hey, might end up with a better mon.

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    • It's a rip off. It's 2 Nat 4* per 15 pieces + other ingredients as well (elemental crystals). So 30 pieces needs 4 Nat 4*. The devs must've hit their heads regarding this. Instead of that, they could've lowered it to like 15 pieces per week, but allowing the usage of any 4*s (not just natural born).

      Fei :(((( That sucks.

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    • Man, I just got a 6* rune from a wish, Determination (weird), slot 4, CD - Res, Spd, Acc. Not too sure what to do with this at this stage :s 

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    • Lucky. lol

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    • i'd prolly keep it since 6* cd are so hard to come by early on.

      i looked at it as a way for spenders to recycle their nat 4s, but you could also fuse for them every week...can be a lot of work though. i tried for a few weeks and it was try2hard.

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    • Yes, I will keep it for sure :)

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    • Bufffff, just saw the note about the special hall of heroes.

      Any chance I can get that Dias? I mean, is it even feasible I can clear the first two floors with a 5* Lapis (unawakened) and a bunch of badly runed 4* ?

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    • If you can even clear just the first floor, then you can buy Almighty pieces to make up for the missing pieces later one. I'm not sure you can though. I mean what's the first floor level? 4*? I forgot.

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    • Unless things have changed a lot you can't use more than 10 almighty pieces on the same summon :(

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    • They increased the limit to 25. The Hall of heroes layout has also been changed to 10 levels. Each level will drop 25 pieces.

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    • yeah you should be able to clear b1. hoh is pretty easy now. btw they buffed magic knight 1st skill so it does more dmg. people actually started using lapis.

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    • I was using her as Faimon farmer before I left. I always liked her to be honest :)

      I was trying to use her now with my previous build: despair blade SPD CR ATK but I just can't get proper despair runes and she hit like a kitty. Yesterday reruned her to Fatal Blade and she can now farm Hydeni Hard (not tried higher yet) properly at 5* lv35 runes 4* +9. She's unawakened, obviously since I've not been able to collect high essences yet so I don't have that extra ATK from her leader skill.

      If I use the exp booster I have in store I might be able to make another 5* tomorrow which will help a lot I believe.

      Options are: Chilling (unawakened), Kona, Mav, Bernard, Shannon, Lucien & Teon. Pushing real hard I have within reach also: Colleen, Talc, fire inferno, fire harg and light elemental.

      Any thoughts?

      NOTE: Just as a curiosity, incredibly enough I have hit the monster in wish temple today. Got a light charger shark.

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    • Marauder-sp wrote:
      Unless things have changed a lot you can't use more than 10 almighty pieces on the same summon :(

      Just checked the Almighty Summoning Piece page and apparetnly things have indeed changed a lot :)

      You can now use 25 ASP per summon so you can indeed get the monster by only beating HoH B1 and later collecting ASP from the guild shop.

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    • ah, apparently durand is one of your "friends" now, and you can choose his mon for battle

      which feels hella weird if you ask me lol, altho his laika is awesomely runed

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    • Finchelfanno1 wrote:
      They increased the limit to 25. The Hall of heroes layout has also been changed to 10 levels. Each level will drop 25 pieces.

      Oh, sorry Finch, didn't see this one, thanks.

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    • Marauder-sp wrote:

      If I use the exp booster I have in store I might be able to make another 5* tomorrow which will help a lot I believe.

      Options are: Chilling (unawakened), Kona, Mav, Bernard, Shannon, Lucien & Teon. Pushing real hard I have within reach also: Colleen, Talc, fire inferno, fire harg and light elemental.

      Any thoughts?

      Any idea which would be more useful for an attempt at HoH?

      The most powerful is Chilling even unawakened but since I already have Lapis at 5* I'm reluctant to go with another water. I'm inclining more for Mav, Bernard or Colleen, even Teon might do.

      NOTE: Another option for the list is Ramagos although I'm not too inclined to it because I don't have appropriate runes.

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    • Haha np Marauder.

      Durand's Laika actually scales with your progression I believe. Because my abandoned Global account, his Laika's only lv 37 (6*).

      I'd suggest Lapis instead of Chilling because you can then use Bernard and not have double speed booster. Lapis, Bernard, Colleen/Teon (I'd go with Teon personally because it has a leader skill), Shannon and Light Elven Ranger.

      Ramagos... lol He can work too.

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    • Marauder - welcome back first.

      Secondly hall of heroes first two levels are a breeze.  All three accounts I own - their reps can solo the first 3-4 level.  I have young players use my Camilla, Laika and Trevor to solo it for them to get enough stones to summon at least 1 - 2 of them.  So you should be fine.

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    • Thanks Karo, much appreciated.

      @Finch, thanks a lot. I agree about Lapis vs. Chilling and about your team selection in general. Regarding Teon I'm not so sure, note that I have Lucien awakened which means a SPD leader skill. Also why did you discard Kona?

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    • Ahh I didn't know Lucien was awakened. I thought your Teon was awakened xD which is why I suggested it in place of both Lucien and Kona.

      Also like Machinno suggested, use Durand's Laika, it'll help you. If you can do first level with your own mons, you might be able to clear B2 using the Laika as well.

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    • Actually I've been doing a good essence farming job so both Teon and Lucien are awakened.Kona is also and with the farmings of the last couple of days I am ready to awaken Mav, Ramagos and Talc (although I'm not sure if awakening Talc is worth the essences at this stage).

      Unfortunately I was not aware that the challenge missions granted awakened versions of Shannon and Colleen so I expended a number of essences needlesly there, fortunately got Bernard awakened that way and saved a lot of desert grinding.

      Also resetting does not wipe your friends so I've still available about 30, most with fully built 6* mons.

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    • It does? I haven't unlocked the essence quest yet so IDK the rewards for it.

      Ahh then you are good to go, you should be able to get Dias. Good luck!

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    • Thanks guy, I will keep you posted.

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    • Ah, yes. Just for the record, from the challenge missions you get:

      For daily dungeons (I think these come unawakened):

      Fire: Konamiya (cleanse bombs)

      Water: Decamaron (DoT)

      Wind: Colleen (Unrecoverable)

      Light: Taru (light imp) (ignore defense)

      Dark: a yeti, not sure which one or what for.

      For Giant's Keep:

      Shannon and Bernard, both awakened

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    • I just completed the Giant challenge after you notified me and the leg scroll gave me... my 2nd Olivia. LOOOOL My past HoH/Fusion mat collection from MS/Leg scroll is growing.

      The Yeti is the wind one. Just checked the events out.

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    • Well, cleared the first level on my first try with my own mons: Lucien, Kona, Lapis, Shannon, Bernard.

      On the second level Shannon got killed on the first stage and Kona on the second so I didn't get far after that.

      Using some firend's help I don't think the second level is going to be a problem so I think I will get Dias after all. After that those Arnolds on the first stage will most probably one-shot most of my team, not to talk about the Trevors on the second :(

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    • That's great. C2U making HoH easier was the best thing for newer players tbh it also balanced the skill-up exploitation a bit.

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    • Yup. I'm back to Summoners War after 5 months and I see the new HoH. I couldn't believe it when 25 pieces dropped and I was like oh. it's finally possible for me to get the summon (I don't get mutch time to play, so I used to not have enough time to run it so many times)! Now I have my very own Dark Death Knight (finally). 

      .... you know how long I waited to get a Bernard and now they're giving it out for free! Also, I have to clear all the easy levels again to fulfill the quests. Ugh. 

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    • Above post was me. I got too used to "keep me signed in" and then forgot my password. 

      So hi everyone!!!! I'm glad to be back! 

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    • Welcome back Marauder-sp, and GlauceLeafwing. :)

      ...I don't really have anything else to add, but, y'know, maybe that's enough.

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    • welcome back glauce~

      nice to hear hoh worked out. i ended up doing samurai which i wasn't thrilled about but meh. i already know i've been playing too much when i see lists of stones summons and i've summoned 90%+ of them lol.

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    • Yesterday bought my second premium pack, mass summoned it and got Raviti and Carrack.

      I've got now 5 nat 4* (Lapis, Chilling, Dias, Carrack & Raviti). Not bad for lv 25. On my first stint I got my first (Arnold) at lv. 28. The second (can't remember now which one it was) was at level 32.

      No doubt game progression has become significantly easier.

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    • lol Xepso xD How long has it been since you started playing?

      Yeah, they have made progression easier.

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    • Yesterday I used the summoning stones I had collected so far, 5 summons thanks to the event. I was hoping for that dancer obviously :) but no such luck. Instead I got Zibrolta with is almost the next best thing, I have now a complete base Necro team (Chilling, Lapis, Zibrolta, Shannon, Kona/Lucien), perhaps not NB10 but almost there in my opinion.

      Not too bad at 3 weeks from start :)

      (also got an awakened Ramira, which is fusion material for Akia then Veromos, so that's saving me some grinding) 

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    • umm since mid or late october 2014?

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    • I finally got the legendary scroll from the event and I summon........ water ninja! My first 5* was sigmarus so it's not even useful for fusion or as attacker. 

      Anyways, summoned a dupe Aquila. I can't seem to get Orion (I have 2 Wind Brownies now and 2 Fire Brownies). 

      GL summoning, everyone!

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    • A Fandom user
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