• Hi everyone !

    When I saw there was a monster filter from this website, I was pretty excited, and immediately I had ideas coming in mind (knowing there was characters like Elucia, the Water Fairy, who can make her target Asleep for 2 turns without having a resistance/accuracy check, so it always works (except if it does a Glancing Hit). But when I looked at all the effect listed to apply the filter, "Bypassing resistance" and "Always lands a Crushing Hit" skills were not shown at all, kind of a bummer :/ (or tell me if I'm just blind).

    For now, the bypassing resistance effect from skills/passives I know are :

    Elucia (Water Fairy) 3rd skill : Make her target sleeps for 2 turns

    Lindermen (Wind Garuda) 3rd skill : Make his target stuned for 1 turn

    Tiana (Wind Polar Queen) 3rd skill : Remove all beneficial and harmful effects from all enemies and allies, then boost allies' ATB by 30%.

    Nephthys (Dark Desert Queen) passive : "Enemies can't resist the skill effects you apply on them"

    Tetra (Water Mermaid) 3rd skill : Make all enemies asleep for 1 turn.

    Edit : Tablo (Light Dice Magician) 3rd skill : Reduce all enemies' and allies' ATB to 0, then provide Speed Boost on all allies.

    Despair set runes stunning effect (but it's no part of the monster filter, I just add it to add it to the list)

    Same for the attacks that always land a Crushing Hit regardless of the enemy's attribute, because it means that if those attacks are supposed to land a negative effect on an enemy, there will never be Glancing Hit to prevent them (Edit) : And for now, I can only think of 9 who are Fire,Wind and Dark Pioneer (Chiwu/Pungbaek/Woonsa), Fire, Water and Light Brownie Magician(Draco/Orion/Gemini), Water Phantom Thief (Luer), Wind Inferno (Anduril) and Theomars (Water Ifrit). Wind Inferno 3rd skill is supposed to put the ATB of his target down to 0, so it even easily works against Fire opponents. Same for Theomars who can apply Continuous dmg and Def debuff whatever is the enemy's attribute. I know Theomars is said as "Always attribute effective" and not "always Crushing Hits", but we could also add a section for this, I guess. Or put them in the same section as "Ignore enemy attribute".

    So I think it would be great to make people sure about who got such kind of moves.

    Thanks for reading.

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    • Sorry for the late reply.

      I think we could definitely add an option in the monster filter for resistance bypass monsters. The crushing hit criteria might be too niche to warrant another option. But I'll take a look at the filter when I have time, and see what makes sense to add.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

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    • Thank you for the reply :)

      If it can help about 100% Crushing hit which allow to more easily land skill effects (they all seem to have harmful effects on their Crushing hit skills), I found there are 7 monsters who are :

      Fire, Water and Light Brownie Magicians who Break Def all enemies for 1 turn.

      Fire, Wind and Dark Pioneer who remove a beneficial effect and prevent the enemy from getting new ones for 2 turns.

      Wind Inferno who reduces enemy ATB to 0.

      I don't know if there are others, thou.

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    • I'll second this motion. :)

      Dragon Knight (Fire) - Laika has passive which prevents him dealing glancing hits.  That might be similar enough in spirit, to be worth including.  Not sure if I'd go so far as to include beast hunters' first in that vein, though.

      Also the Dice Magician (Light) - Tablo's third skill claims to bypass resistance (and immunity too!).

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    • Nice, thank you a lot to add data about this :)

      Btw, I just asked in the Monster Filter to see in "Advanced" : "AoE on all enemies", and I can see at the beginning of the list "Barbaric King (Dark) - Hrungnir" but he does't have any AoE attack :/ so he should be removed from the list (or one of the skill description is wrong).

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    • Fixed the barbaric kings, thanks!  They got patched a while back, the fire one's categories got changed back then, but not the dark. /shrug 

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    • Luer, the water phantom thief, also crushing hit with the aoe

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    • Oh great! Thank you. It seems that the AoE Defense Breakers are made to bypass attributes (Galleon bypass attribute too because he doesn't deal damages with his AoE Defense break skill).

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    • some of those skills should still go through accuracy and resistance (elucia and prolly lindermen) but sure why not. btw even if skills are no-touch, they can still be resisted. i was thinking of a category a while back too but now i forgot lol. come to think of it, i don't think i've ever seen tiana miss on 3rd, though i do my best to never give her the chance :P

      tablo skill does bypass immunity, i've seen it in action! like tiana he can just pwn will runes.

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    • Harp Magician (Dark) - Vivachel 3rd skill can't be resisted and ignores immunity.  Those wacky "new" monsters...!

      Re: Elucia and Lindermen, they should still go through accuracy checks, but evidence suggests they don't.  Undocumented feature. :)

      Also, speaking of guaranteed crushing hits, there are a few monsters who guarantee critical hits instead:

      High Elemental (Wind) - Moria 3rd skill (also a team up, so two crits regardless of attributes)

      Fire, Wind, and Light Grim Reapers 2nd skill, when target is under 30% HP.

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    • If we went with something like "ignore enemy attribute" we could also mark monsters with attacks that deal no damage, don't "hit", therefore cannot be a glancing hit.  Galleon, Shan, Orion again, etc.

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    • Yes, I also thought about them too, it could be a good idea. Thank you so much, I'm glad to see i'm not the only one finding it could be a good idea to make strategies around it. I am just afraid people are misled a bit by finding someone like Galleon here, even if at least it would maybe teach to more players how things work.

      Maybe we should do as on the LoL wikia which writes such details under the skill definitions as tips (instead of adding tips at the end of the monster section).

      It could look like "[Name of the skill] tips : As a non-damaging move, it will never land a glancing hit, making it a reliable way to apply harmful effects whatever is the enemy attribute".

      Honestly, btw, is the 2nd skill of Fire, Wind and Light Grim reapers useful in any way? I really feel like a bad design thing (it may be so niche it won't even be necessary when we could think about using it). It's really not powerful enough, so even with a crit, better use their basic attack to chain all enemies if they are that close to die. If only it could do as the 1rst skill and give a free turn if an enemy dies this way, it would just make much more sence. Or if the 100% crit was only if the target has more than 30% of it's life instead of below 30%, we could start with the 2nd skill to finish enemies with the 1rst one).

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    • Thank you for helping (but someone already wrote it :p and I even already edited it in my 1rst post, so at least read the 1rst post :p )

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    • For those interested, I've updated the filter tool to now incorporate skills that ignore resistance, and a broad category for damage skills that can't glance. Examples include Tiana and Laika respectively.

      I'd appreciate if you guys can help add monsters to the categories (Category:(Ignore Resistance) and Category:(Ignore Glance) for reference). It's really easy to do, and the monsters appear instantly to the filter.

      The latter category is under the damage heading, so it won't necessarily apply to monsters like Galleon who do no damage. Of course, the category is broad enough that I think you could include a wide variety of monsters. If you guys want to discuss what should be included in that category, feel free to do so.

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    • Great! Thank you a lot. However, I would like to help but I'm afraid to do something wrong by editing on the page (not like erasing of course, but by adding the right way).

      I can see you added like a dot before the Polar Queen name, but when I want to add the same by clicking on "Bullet list" button on the top right corner, it makes a space before unlike you.

      Edit : Well it's official I didn't do it as well as you x) I've written name and hyperlinked them, but I see you just "Added pages" to it directly. Can you tell me how you did that, please?

      Edit 2 : I saw you used something called HIDDENCAT but when I found it, I didn't know how to make it works and what it really is :/ So yea, I've erased what I've done waiting to learn the right way

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    • The category system works a lot like "tagging". If you're familiar with the concept of tags (or hashtags), then it's actually really easy.

      Instead of adding pages to a category page directly, you actually add the category to the monster page (or any article page) itself, almost like adding a hashtag to a photo on Instagram or twitter. Once you "tag" the monster page, the monster page shows up on the category page automatically.

      For a detailed tutorial on wiki categories, see this page.

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    • I've gotten the (Ignore Resistance) monsters, and will wait a day or two to let Jessica Rocket have fun doing the (Ignore Glance) category for the others. :)

      The easiest method to add, or remove, one new, or errant, category is the Categories: line that shows just underneath the Static Attributes table.  Hidden categories are in parenthases and will disappear once you've added them.

      The alternate / more thorough method is to Edit the page, and check all the categories using the Categories line from the Settings drop down menu.

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    • Thanks for your help, I've been absent for some days :/

      I'll try with what you told me :) (if no one already done it x) )

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    • Oh, damage skills that can't glance, that also includes fixed damage like the quintessential Ramagos .  I'm on it, but help me out if I miss some. :)

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