• Just a quick note, this is a sequel to: Also, I'm a bit late with this. This is actually the immediate previous rotation with Ath'taros.

    After that thread, I got me a new S7, as well as leveled up some of my runes. The biggest difference then and now is that I've 6-starred my Mav and Ran(though I didnt get a chance to use her...yet)

    Didnt get anything good (Argen) but I'm content with this. As mentioned in the previous thread, the key was actually stopping/minimizing him from moving. Less turns taken meaning less chance to cleanse and less chance to cleanse meaning less chance to buff himself. I was worried though as there were many MANY times he resisted both Baretta and Poseidon and I usually barely managed to reset his attack bar before he attacks. But, eventually after 20 or so minutes, I finally took my first ToA win.

    Do I use a similar strategy for Lyrith? I actually managed to face her once before and I felt like she's maybe *slightly* easier, if only because of the fact I managed to get her down to 1/2 HP on my very first time facing her with barely any knowledge about her fight aside from the tip that she will stun if she cant absorb any incarnations.

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    • I've been out for a year bur as far as I know nothing has changed substatially (correct me if I'm wrong with this guys).

      Actually Lyrith used to be substatially more difficult than Ath'taros. In addition to attacking her ATB so she can't reabsorb her incarnations you will need to kill them quickly and to do that you need to stun them frequently because they counter.

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