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Db10 & Toah

  • Hello, I need some advice on what directions to take. Currently im stuck on only being able to farm db9 as i just cant get that damn Verde for db10 and previous month i failed to beat Artamiel on toah 60 so i wanna one up my dragon and toah teams. Team composition ideas for GWO/D and AO/D are welcome too (i dont mind 6*ing things from my storage as i have spare food for them).

    Thanks in advance.

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    • You don't need Verde for DB10. Baretta is a great L-skill replacement for DB10.

      You have very nice monsters for DB10. Try a team of Baretta (L), Megan, Anavel, Vero & Bela (this is a starter team, so your damage is from DoT). Put them in that order because you need Megan to go second and buff. Make sure their speed are ~170-180+. Go for the boss directly.

      Another team can be Vero, Megan, Spectra, Bela & Sigmarius (L), but this one requires a very fast Bela and Vero (~200 speed) as they are your only healer/cleanser.

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    • Bella is on swift so he covers that while Vero is around 180 on violent (slot 2 isnt maxed tho). My Megan would be the fastest and i was wondering if i could replace her with my Galleon (hes 6* and on vio runes, close to 180 speed). Taor maybe for Sig as i dont really have that amazing runes for him. Ive seen people use Stella too but i dont think i can pull that off.

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    • Swift Bela needs to be faster than 180, but 180 is enough for a Vio Vero to singly handle cleansing. I'd recommend you max the Speed runes for all of them, just to be safe.

      Megan is better than Galleon because of her strip and buff, the latter will be super useful in waves, whereas the former is a must against the boss. Galleon is only useful if you have a fast DD team, which you don't seem to have. You can try Taor instead of Sig as well if Taor is faster, just make sure your DD goes AFTER Megan.

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    • Hmm, first try, boss survived on 1 hit. Spectra died too early so i guess i should fix her hp a bit (spd cr hp as it was enough for toa). Bella is over 200 spd but he seemed a bit too soft as well which means this composition should work, just needs some runes to be maxed. Thanks again.

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    • Recommended HP is ~15K or higher. If you can achieve that, you are set. The second team I suggested has a 100% success rate even though slow (3-4 minutes).

      NP. Good luck.

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