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This page lists the tasks that requires work on the wiki. If there are any changes needed, feel free to edit the page directly, or discuss whether they should be changed in the Comments section below.

Please keep the list as updated as possible.

Ongoing projects Edit

Main article: Summoners_War_Sky_Arena_Wiki:Projects

To-do list Edit

  • Add skill effect categories to newer monsters for Monster Filter tool
  • Update shop with new building.
  • Update of new items etc etc...
  • Update Cairos Dungeon pages with drop info.
  • Update Shop with Limited Time Offers as they come and go...
  • Update Crystal page's Special section. Adding more images to the page?
  • Update Rival page with missing levels.
  • Add monsters' pictures and their transmog pictures to their galleries
  • Add event buildings to buildings page.

To-do Discussions Edit

  • Adding types of in-app purchases under the Crystal page. Discuss on this page.

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